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We’re in Austin (actually Manor, TX)

We apologize for not updating our website sooner but we had a major life change happen in March as we moved from Houston to Manor.  We officially got all our boxes to Manor on March 15th.  We still haven’t sold our house in Houston…We know God has His perfect timing, but it is hard with double mortgage payments!  We are settling in with our new neighborhood, church- The Austin Stone (, and our old college friends (have we already been out of college for 5 years?)  We live right next to the Suhs, Pecks, Richardsons, and Douglass’.  What a blessing!!!

Ella is now 15 months old.  She started walking at 13 ½ months old and now is lovingly referred to as our “monster truck rally” because she just runs over everything and falls most of the time but doesn’t care.  Don’t get me wrong-she cries-a lot too- but only if you look at her wrong or if you are a man.  She got 4 more teeth which brings the total to 10 now (although I admit that I’m not checking her mouth anymore for fear of my fingers being bitten off.)  She has a vocabulary of about 10 words.  Her newest words are ‘duck’ and ‘sista’ for sister.  She loves bubbles, Backyardigans and lions (because they say “roar”.)

Rilyn is half potty-trained.  She easily will go pee-pee in the potty.  But don’t ask her to go poo-poo cause she will run and hide.  Her favorite tunes these days are all on the Backyardigan CD which we have listened to every day in the car since we got it and so that makes the grand total to about 100 times.  Luckily the Backyardigans have made themselves a special place in my heart too, so I don’t mind-that much.  Rilyn and Ella had a great Easter with both sides of the family coming to spend the day with us in Manor.  She had an Easter egg hunt in the front of our house even though it was 40 degrees outside.  Right after the hunt we came inside to pray and eat.  During James’ prayer for the meal, Rilyn interrupted and said, “Thank you God, that I can find MORE eggs.”  She continues to be our little adult and cracks us up daily with her use of language.  Her latest thing she likes to do is tell mommy what she wants me to wear or not wear.  She prefers me in stripes and doesn’t like my old college t-shirts.  😉

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