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Rilyn’s Hip Hop Recital!

Rilyn had her hip hop recital the next day!  She did awesome!!


Ella’s ballet recital!

This is Ella’s last ballet recital.  She has decided she wants to pursue theater!  She looked beautiful!

Ella and Anna -BFFS!

Grandpa and Grandma came to watch!

Ella’s guys!

After the recital we celebrated my mom’s birthday with a dinner at Cheesecake Factory! The WHOLE family came! Yay!


sparkles and feathers!

I took my girls and Anna on a photo shoot with their dance recital costumes, much like I did years ago, here, here, and here!

best friends!

Rilyn, the Swan Lake princess!


Jazz and Ballet!

The girls were in the same jazz and ballet classes this year at Westlake’s Alisa’s Dance Academy.  They enjoyed it, but next year Rilyn wants to take hip hop, and Ella just wants to take ballet.  🙂  Rilyn loves performing on stage anytime, anywhere.  Ella gets nervous on stage, so slower movements in ballet suit her well.

Ella and Anna doing their thing!

The girls did their ballet to a song from Swan Lake!

Rilyn in the middle

Ella in the middle

Rilyn flapping her wings so elegantly!

After the recital, Asher got to give them flowers! It was so sweet to watch!

These girls love their daddy!

my beauties!

proud auntie

After the recital, we celebrated my mom’s birthday at Cheesecake Factory!

me, my sister, mom, and brother!


their 4th recital!

The girls had their 4th recital yesterday!  I can’t believe 6 year old Ella has had 4 recitals already!  The recital theme was Keep Austin Dancing!  Rilyn danced to ROCK the USA!  Ella danced to Pretty Woman for tap and Sunrise for ballet.

Rilyn in the middle of the pic, fist pumping
half of Rilyn’s face seen in the middle of the pic
Rilyn in the middle-curtain call!
Ella in the middle
Ella in the middle-curtain call!

After the recital, Asher presented Ella with roses and cousin Caden gave Rilyn roses!

proud of these two girls!!
family pic!
Thanks grandma and grandpa for coming!
Thanks aunt Becca, Caden, and Uncle Jeff for coming!

tutus and choo choos

Our girls’ dance recital is this Saturday-perfect excuse for a photo shoot!!  So my daughters’ and two of their friends headed out to the train tracks to strut their stuff! Check out my photography website for some more of my favorites!

Rilyn in her hip hop duds

dance like no one’s watching!

On Saturday night, the girls went with James to a daddy/daughter(s) dance (held at a local church)! The girls had a great time having a tea party, dancing the night away, and there was even a carriage ride at the end!
I let James take my old camera so the girls could take turns taking pictures of each other! I was pretty impressed with how the pictures turned out (my little budding photographers)!

safe in daddy’s hands
a strong man to look up to
only he can make her smile this big
down on one knee!

The best pictures, though, were those that James took of the girls “interpretative” dancing(?)

these sisters love to dance!

Here is the carriage that they rode in at the end of the night. Unfortunately, their picture in the carriage didn’t turn out, so James took this of random people.

Is this Rapunzel’s horse? (check out the braid!)


ella’s first recital

Saturday night was Ella’s first dance recital.  She had a great time and never was scared to go on stage and perform (or some would call it, ‘stand there and look cute’)  Was there any real ballet moves being done?  No, not really.  But it’s all about the experience (at least that is what we tell ourselves and we pay $50 for each girls costume!  Yikes!!)

From June 2009
From June 2009

recital costumes!

Rilyn is in her 3rd dance recital dancing to ‘Broadway Baby!’

From June 2009

This is Ella’s 1st dance recital and she is dancing to ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’!

From June 2009

The actual recital is tonight so wish them luck! (Although no matter what they do at this age, it’s adorable!)

From June 2009
From June 2009

two tutus

Now that Ella is officially potty trained, and 3 years old, she gets to be a ‘ballerina’.  Rilyn was going to do soccer in the spring, but since Ella chose to do ballet, Rilyn wanted too also.  Rilyn did ballet last year so she’s an old pro.  😉   Now I have 2 girls in ballet!  Recital costumes here I come!!  I don’t mind though, because I actually found a time slot at Dance Elements where both girls can be in a tap/ballet class at the same time.  Here are some pics of Ella’s first day of ballet.

From January 2009

Don’t let this cute smile fool you, she had to skip her nap today and she really was like this:

From January 2009

and this:

From January 2009

She did manage to strike a few poses for me.

From January 2009

I call this “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”

From January 2009
From January 2009

My photography business!

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