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a Valentine from Christ

Way back in college, I had (and still do have!) a best friend, Jen. She always was so encouraging, especially in the way she wrote notes to me. One of the things that I have kept (since 2001) is a Valentines Day card that she made for me “from Christ”. I just found it tonight and thought it was beautiful, and I should post it. When my girls get a little older, I will give them this Valentine from Christ each year to remind them how loved they are by Him!

Know that you are loved.
Know that I love you.
And before you formed inside the womb
Is when I said “I do.”

Your face is beauty to me,
Your voice a sweet melody to my ears.
You are my dove, my rose, my lily, my garden,
And shall stay my beauty beyond the years.

I love to hear you speak of me-
I love to hear you say my name.
It tells me you love me in return and you know this love
Is more than just a game.

I love it when you listen-
When you let me speak.
Don’t worry when you don’t know what to say,
I know exactly what you think.

There is nothing you must prove to me-
Nothing you should try and hide,
For I’ve seen your faults and weaknesses
And I choose to stay by your side.

I know it’s hard “without” me-
No arms can hold you like I can.
Please know I always think of you
And this time apart fits right into my plan.

I’ve never been one for long engagements-
That’s why I’ve made your days so few.
And I pray in these days apart, your heart,
Like mine, grows fonder, too.

So while we wait on perfect timing be patient
In my love-trust and abide.
So soon…Face to face…Beautiful…in GLORY…
I am coming soon, my pure and holy bride.

I love you.
Your Bridegroom,


Top Ten in the last ten

Got engaged-2000

James’ mom was hiding behind a tree taking this shot!

Graduated from Texas A&M-2001/2002

Both class of 2001-James just double majored so he graduated a year later

Got married!  2001

May 26th

Started our first ‘real’ jobs-2001/2002

James an accountant at HalliburtonI was a kindergarten teacher

Bought our first home and moved to Houston-2002

Look at all our mismatched furniture from our college days!And yes, there was a play gym left in our backyard by the previous owners!

Had first child-2004

Rilyn-June 3rd

Had second child-2006

Ella-January 5th

Moved to Manor to live in community with friends-2007

our home

Had third child-2008

Asher-April 24th

Rilyn started kindergarten-2009

August 2009

Wow!  I think it is safe to say that we had a busy decade!  As we look into the next decade wondering what God has in store, we pray that it is a little less ‘eventful!’  😉  Happy 2010!!



I am a sucker for buying class photos and yearbooks.  Why?  For reasons below.  I knew my Lexington Jr. High (in Cypress, CA) yearbook would be useful one day!  😉

If you own a television, you have probably heard of the new Fox show, glee.  I do not watch it regularly, but I’ve seen an episode or two because some of my friends love it.  When I first saw the Spanish teacher Will Schuester, played by Matthew Morrison, I said to myself, “That guy looks just like I guy I went to school with-Matt Morrison.”   Nothing clicked.  ‘Matthew’ and ‘Matt’ are apparently totally different names to me.  🙂

Finally a couple of days ago, at a totally random time of the day, it clicked!  I DID go to school with him!  But I had foggy memories of when.

I looked him up in my yearbooks, and it turns out I only went to 8th grade with him.  Apparently, I thought he was ‘funny’ as I wrote that below his picture.  (Yes, I went through every student I knew in my jr. high yearbooks and wrote something about them on their picture!  Again, it must have something to do with my curiousity for people.)  I remember he was in Theatre Arts at Lexington and I must of had a class or two with him since I thought he was ‘funny’!

Here is his 8th grade picture circa 1993:


Melissa Sandvig’s husband

Back in May, I blogged about how I had lunch with Melissa Sandvig (ummm…haven’t heard of her? Top 4 ladies on So You Think You Can Dance!) when we went on our Disney vacation. The reason I met her is because her now *famous* husband is my friend from 2nd grade! So, on our vacation, a bunch of us old friends ate lunch together.

Erik is such a sweet, supporting husband to Melissa. You may have seen him every week on the show doing something like this in the audience:

It’s no surprise to me. Look at him back in 1989!

Erik trying to ‘get seen’ AGAIN

So, what is the point of this blog today? Please VOTE for Melissa next week and get her to the top 3 ladies!! (And don’t you want to see what sign Erik will be holding up???)



Today is our 8th anniversary!  It’s always fun to remember back on the day we were married and bring out the old wedding album…but I thought I would share some honeymoon pictures this time!

stitches in a Mexican hotel “doctor’s office”
James with his chin bandage

What?!? Your honeymoon pictures don’t look like those?  You mean your new husband didn’t try to do ‘tricks’ on a water slide in Cancun, Mexico and crack open his chin?  Well, I must have been a lucky wifey on my honeymoon!

excuse the picture, I scanned it from an old scrapbook

Here is the ‘Space Bowl’ with James in it right before he tried to do his trick and “hang” in the bowl!  Haha!  Sharing my life with James is always full of humor and adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We actually already celebrated our anniversary Monday, (when you get free babysitting, you celebrate), with a round of golf (we take turns planning our anniversary and it was my turn to plan for him).  I actually bought golf shoes this time so I guess I’m stuck with a new quasi hobby!  I did, after all, beat James on one hole!


So you think you can dance

I admit-I can’t wait for the season premiere tonight on FOX!  We loved the show last summer and this summer it is even sweeter because we know one of the contestants!  And, I saw her last night on the promo for the show during American Idol (by the way-so pumped that Kris Allen won!)  Okay, so everyone who reads this and watches the show…when voting starts, if Melissa Sandvig makes it, please vote for her!

Click here to watch the promo clip.  She is the ‘naughty ballerina’.  😉

Back story:  I met her because I’ve known her husband since 2nd grade!  When we went to California last month, we all had lunch together and of course I got a picture taken with her (just in case she becomes super famous!  lol)

Melissa Sandvig

you’ve come a long way baby

To make myself feel better about turning 30 today, I looked back at some old photos of myself.  Wow!  It was pretty brutal.  I feel like I look younger today than some of my photos back then!  Take for instance this one when I was about 12.

From May 2009

Look at me!  I have shoulder pads, an old lady dress on, pearls and a straw hat with some shrub growing on it! And this was Easter day, so I probably really took the time to make myself look good!  (Don’t ya just wish someone told you to pluck your eyebrows when you were that young?)  Ha!

My dear daughter knew how to make me feel good today.  Rilyn told me, “Thirty isn’t old mom because it has a zero in it!”

My mom thought it would be so cute to make me wear this crown, wand, and necklaceshe bought me!

in the name of health

Occasionally I like to check my blog stats to see who my ‘referrers’ are, (the links from other websites that people clicked to get to my blog), to make sure there is no monkey business going on.   Well, the other day, this website showed up as a referrer:

If you click on it, and scroll down a little, you will see my poor Rilyn with a big, ugly bruise on her forehead!  I was a little taken aback, but then James told me when your blog is public, any website can do a search and find pictures/articles they want and use them.  So, in the name of health, Rilyn’s picture (from fall 2007) will be displayed to other parents who frantically search the web because their child just konked their head.  😉


double digits

Today, Asher hit the double digit month-10.  It’s a pretty big milestone considering he will be double digit months old until he is almost 8 1/2 years.  (Yes, I know I think of weird things.)  Anyway, still no walking, but his cruising is getting faster and faster, so we’ll see.  Right now he is starting to show his temper.  If I even get near the back door, he starts kicking his legs and whining because he wants to go outside and swing.  And when we take him out of the swing, he starts crying.  So mommy has left him in the swing in the backyard (with the girls) while I cook dinner.  Rilyn may push him once in awhile, (God help him if Ella gets a push!), but generally he just hangs there looking around-it’s a great babysitter and he is safely locked in!  Love it!

From February 2009
From February 2009

**The tongue thing must be genetic because all of my kids did this as babies!

From October 2006

Ella-10 months old

From April 2005

Rilyn-10 months old


2009- a streak breaking year!

In this new year, I resolve not to be pregnant 7 years in a row.  That’s right-my womb is closed for business!  I’ve been pregnant in every year since 2003 and I think it’s time to end a good streak.

This is 2003, 3 1/2 months pregnant with Rilyn. Unfortunately, this is currently what I look like now…sigh.

From Rilyn’s first 8 month


From November 2005

2005-pregnant with Ella (and recycling maternity tops)

From January 2006

2006-I really must have had a bad case of pregnancy brain because why am I wearing horizontal stripes as if I’m not fat enough?  (I was only pregnant for 5 days that year, but as any pregnant woman knows, those last days are the hardest!)

From December 2007

2007-pregnant with Asher

From Welcome Asher!

2008-ready to go to the hospital (NO, I’m not a longhorn!  It’s just what fit at 40 weeks pregnant!)

My photography business!

May 2023