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Thanksgiving 2014

Asher had a Thanksgiving Feast in first grade!  He went with the “C” theme and only wanted corn, a cupcake, and a CapriSun!  🙂

We went to my parents house for the break, decorated for Christmas with the cousins, and had Thanksgiving day lunch at Cracker Barrel.  🙂

Then we took Rilyn to the Aggie game!  We unfortunately lost, but Rilyn and I got to see the new Kyle Field!

After the game, the next day we headed to Fort Worth to celebrate with James’ family!

James’ whole family plus his two uncles!

We had a great time in Fort Worth! The kids enjoyed starting a puzzle with Oma!

Cuddling with Papaw Bear!

And to top off the weekend, the girls went ice skating with the family!


a little Griswold…

We did not have any family gathering on the actual Thanksgiving day so we decided to decorate for Christmas starting the day before Thanksgiving.  Well, things went a little “Griswold”, when hearing a big crash, James came in through the door holding his elbow and leg, and whimpering.  He was putting up our Christmas lights, (which is a big task), and the ladder slipped off of the edge of our roof where it was leaning!  The ladder came down and crashed into Asher’s window!  James fell down too, at the bottom of the ladder!  He could of been so much more seriously hurt, and thankfully, only a few scratches on his elbow and his leg was pretty bruised up.  When I saw the window, I started laughing (after I realized James was okay)!  I immediately had to take pictures!

After the “incident”, we decorated our tree on Friday!

We left Friday afternoon for College Station where we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family at the Octaranch! My dad finished the tree house that he has been working so hard on! We call it the “Aggie Shack!”

My dad loves to take us for walks around the property too!

I even get cows to pose for my pictures! lol

The cows were friendly enough to follow!

my sister and Ella!

cousins and best friends!

our Thanksgiving dinner!

goodbye fall! Onto the Christmas season!



We’ve done some feasting these days leading up to the actual turkey day! What a blessing to have numerous opportunities to give thanks together with friends and family!

2nd grade Thanksgiving at school!

Kindergarten Thanksgiving at school! Asher looks thrilled to try new food. 😉

We had a church group Thanksgiving feast on Friday night with about 100 people (including kids)! And on Saturday morning, we drove up to DFW to celebrate Thanksgiving with James’ family. It was freezing cold (and still is!) for November, but that didn’t stop my kids from playing outside in Oma’s tree house!

Ben and Braden hosted this year at their house. It was so relaxing and a Cowboy win topped off the day nicely!

That evening we played charades and Rilyn loved a game where everyone could watch her perform her heart out!

mmmm, first hot chocolate of the season! Asher loves the marshmellows the best!


Thanksgiving 2012

We celebrated a day early at my parent’s house this year.

my parents with their 5 grandkids!
table shot!

A big highlight was that the girls got to sit at the “adult table” because sadly aunt Jessica couldn’t make it. The kid’s table still had occupants though! 😉

Definitely a time of food, family, and fun. Here James is playing a game that Ella completely drew, colored, and made up the rules!  My favorite part of the game is if you draw a *BONUS* card.  (You get to move 54 spaces!)  😉

Thanksgiving morning was spent decorating grandma and grandpa’s tree!

look how tall the tree is!

Thursday was also spent traveling up to Dallas for the cheer competition the next day. We ate Thanksgiving dinner at Denny’s! It was kinda sad.  😦
After Rilyn’s cheer competition, we drove to Fort Worth to spend time with James’ family!

The kids all can climb up the tree house now!

oma and her grands!

And who doesn’t love some swinging on a beautiful fall day?


That evening, the kids got to be in the Fort Worth Christmas parade! Their oma and papaw volunteer for the Red Cross and so they were able to sit in the Emergency Response Vehicle and wave to all the crowds watching the parade! The kids had a blast!

here they come!
waving to the crowds!

The first SNL Thanksgiving

Rilyn decided she wanted us to do a family thanksgiving skit this year. So she and Ella got the props and costumes ready and Julie added her creative SNL twist and we performed it for our family yesterday.

Make sure to stick it out until the end, my favorite part is Rilyn’s nervous anticipation before the ‘grand finale’.


happy thanksgiving

Go Cowboys! Go Aggies!


roughin’ it-thanksgiving style

We went to South Shore park on Lake Bastrop for Thanksgiving with James’ parents.  What a beautiful hideaway-and only 30 minutes away from us!  The girls had so much fun with Oma’s canoes!  (Rilyn actually got to spend the night in the cabin with her Oma and Papaw last night.)  We had a Thanksgiving feast, only complete with the Cowboys game.  This, of course, was courtesy of James bringing the TV into the great outdoors where he carefully placed it at the head of table, (where only Tony Romo is fit to sit.)  Thankfully the Cowboys won-(we won’t mention our other team that played yesterday and royally stunk up their whole season.

Aunt Mandy made the girls Indian costumes the night before.

From November 2008

Here is Asher’s first Thanksgiving (breakfast):

From November 2008

Time to get dressed!

From November 2008

Girls at the park.

From November 2008

Here is Oma trying to teach them a lesson in rowing.

From November 2008

Time to eat!

From November 2008
From November 2008


Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown holiday specials??  I thought we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving with our community group kiddos!  So, just like the cartoon, their plate looked like this:

From November 2008
From November 2008

But at our Thanksgiving feast we had a little more guests!

From November 2008
From November 2008
From November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving from the Paquette’s!

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