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Our last trip this summer was to Whitefish, Montana where we enjoyed a week long retreat with our church.  We took numerous trips to Glacier National Park where the scenery was so amazing!

We took the red bus tour around the park. The top rolls away so you can enjoy the scenery and learn about the park!

Sitting in the red bus waiting for our tour to start!

At a few points along the way, we stopped and stood up to enjoy the breathtaking views!

They also parked in a few places to let us walk around and enjoy the fresh air!

The next day we went whitewater rafting on class 3 rapids!

Can you find James and me?

I look scared in this picture! I almost fell out of the raft once!

The next day we drove back to Glacier National Park and took a small hike at Logan’s Pass. The scenery was unreal. It felt like I was stepping into a postcard!

We saw plenty of goats along our hike too!

This guy was just standing there like he was posing for pictures!

When I saw real live park rangers wearing hats, I just HAD to get a picture!


the sanctifying power of the Gospel in vacationing

A few weeks ago we went on vacation to the Northwest with some friends of ours.  James and his friend dreamed of this vacation being a great, relaxing time.  The problem was that I wasn’t too excited about going on this trip.  I love our friends, but it’s not my idea of a great time to visit down towns (and we were going to visit 3!) and eat all the “best food” in the perspective cities.  I’m a comfort eater, meaning if I have my Reduced Fat Cheez-Its and my Honey Bunches of Oats cereal after dinner, I’m a happy girl.  I don’t care about eating the best “____” in the USA, and I’m not one for trying new foods.  I will do it, but I definitely won’t order it as MY meal.  How horrible would that be to have a gross meal just because you wanted to try something new?  🙂

Back to my point, when James and I vacation, we usually have the whole vacation planned out before we go.  And we, (or maybe I should say I), like to have an excursion to do everyday.  I want to see everything I can while I’m in the destination.  If I’m being honest, I did not want to go to the Northwest, and I surely did not want to go there without a real plan.  (Eat good food and explore is not a plan.)

We went to Vancouver first, and we were going to go skydiving but the weather would not allow it.  I was sad, but it wasn’t James’ fault, no big deal.  We really didn’t have a back up plan though, so I just took a nap and felt bummed.  My attitude kinda kept rolling downhill from there.  I tried to put on a happy face, but James, (and I’m sure my friends), could tell this wasn’t my idea of a fun vacation.  Walking miles to get to a restaurant that has the best “____” or window shopping was not my idea of excursions.  I was definitely grumpy inside, and my heart was not right.

James kept on pursuing me though in love.  He asked me a million times what things sounded like fun, and all I could think was “None, because this should of been planned out BEFORE we got here, and not waste time deciding while we are here.”  He wanted to make sure I was happy.  He treated me to a facial.  He relentlessly loved me even when I would turn to him and say, “Stop treating me so sweetly!!  I don’t deserve it!  Just let me be a grump, and wallow in my self-pity!”  He never gave up.  He took me to steak houses when our friends were at sushi (he would of had sushi otherwise), he found a way for us to skydive in Oregon even though he was dreading doing it.  He always said to me wherever we were, “Get whatever you want!”

Over dinner one night I told him that our marriage, and this vacation was sanctifying me.  His pursuit of me, even in my yucky sinful attitude, reminded me of how God pursues me.  God loves me even in my sin.  And James told me that he was reminded in this vacation that to pursue is costly.  To pursue requires sacrifice, and God sacrificed his own Son for us.  James would pursue me even when I’m “difficult.”

Thank you Lord for James, our 12 years of marriage, and times like these to be reminded of Your *Never Stopping, Never Giving up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love*!

*from my favorite kids Bible- The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name“>


James skydives!

James went first skydiving in the plane and we hired a skydiver to go with him purely to video tape and take pictures of him.  So his pictures are from a different angle which I think was cool!   (My tandem pro took pictures of me with his GoPro).  James was definitely nervous, and when I landed and asked him how he was, he said he needed to sit down and didn’t know if he could drive back to our hotel.  I think he just needed a good snack though!  Bless his heart-what a trooper!

all geared up!

You can see how wide-eyed James is here! So nervous!!

Our view-can you see Mt. Hood?

Is that a spider on the picture or…

James’ tandem pro reminded me of Bart Simpson at 40!

throwing hand signs!

time to land!  This doesn’t look awkward at all!  😉

smooth like butter landing!



In my head I have a kinda bucket list.  Skydiving was on it, and my dearest husband did NOT have that on his bucket list.  But being the sweet, sweet husband that he is, he took me when we were on vacation!  We were supposed to skydive in Vancouver on day 1 (so we could get it over with for my husband’s sanity), but the weather was cloudy and rainy and they wouldn’t let us.  So, wouldn’t you know it, we skydived on the last day of vacation!  Bless his heart, he endured 6 days of waiting and dreading the SKYDIVE!  We had to get video and pictures of our once in a lifetime adventure.  Video is not ready yet, but here are the fun pictures for you to laugh at!

In the plane before we jumped!

Not my best angle, but this is what it feels like right when you scoot off the plane into free fall at 13,800 elevation about to go 120 mph!

bye bye plane!

woo hoo!

This is the picture I will look at if I’m tempted to get a face lift! Ha!

trying to keep your mouth closed is challenging!

I’m not afraid to admit that I have 6 chins when a parachute pops out above you going 120 mph!

I really wish I remembered what I was thinking during this picture! I think we were spinning in circles (which you do by pulling down on the parachute handles on one side)

Just chillaxing on the way down

He let me have a turn steering!

It was a great experience! I was surprised that I didn’t every feel my stomach drop. It was like floating with wind coming at you really fast! I never had an adrenaline rush the whole time. I was just really at peace, knowing I would be safe with my tandem pro, and I was looking forward to doing it-never nervous. I think because we watched like 20 people skydive before us made it easy for me to trust that everything was going to be safe and fun.  Stay tuned for James’ pictures!


Northwest vacation!

James and I headed to Vancouver, Canada, Seattle, and Portland for a week long vacation with another couple.  Here is our vacation in pictures!

I highly recommend going to this in Vancouver! The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is beautiful!

The Vancouver skyline…that is our ferry in the background.

Stanley Island

The weather was in the 60s!

Then we drove to Seattle and did some wine tasting!

Can you see the flying fish?!

We did an underground tour of Seattle that was fascinating!

Seattle skyline!

Stay tuned for Oregon pictures where we went SKYDIVING!



On the last full day of our Colorado vacation, we went river rafting with the Richardson family.  Because Asher and Caden are only four and five years old, we were only allowed on Class 1/2 rapids.  After the fact, I would NOT suggest doing this rafting trip unless you can go on Class 3 rapids (your children must be 7 years old is what I was told).  The kids had fun though as we leisurely floated down the river.


Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park!

After our 3 hour hike, we ventured out to the Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park!  Yes, we were tired, but in our vacations, we jam pack excursions in!  🙂

Alpine sledding down the mountain! That ride was super fun!

Ella does NOT like to go fast, so I guess plugging her ears and closing her eyes helped?! 🙂

Glenwood Caverns is an amuesment park on top of a mountain. You can only get there by gondola or bus.

They loved going through the maze!

James and I rode on this crazy thing! 1,300 feet above the Colorado River, on the Giant Canyon Swing! I’m pretty sure it was the scariest ride of my life.

James went on a 2nd and a 3rd time so I could take pictures of him and he got video with his cell phone!

The last thing we did that day was go into one of the caverns they have at the park.

Ella learning about stalagmites and stalagtites in King’s Row Cavern!

A descent of 150 feet down through spacious passages to King’s Row, the most highly decorated cave room in Colorado. Stunning formations such as stalactites, stalagmites, soda straws and cave bacon.


Hanging Lake, CO

On Tuesday, the 15 of  us started out with a 2 1/2 mile round trip hike to Hanging Lake.  Hanging Lake is a jewel nestled in the Rocky Mountains!  The hike was difficult and rocky, (1000 feet elevation gain), but the kids were ALL champs!  We even had a 2 year old with us!  I totally recommend this hike, the accomplishment of completing it WITH my family was one of my favorite parts of the whole trip!

all 15 of us! Friends since 1998!

We made it!

If you hike up about 5 minutes higher, you will find Spouting Rock where you can walk behind the waterfall!

I’m standing behind the waterfall. Can you see some of the kids?

At the bottom, the hike is done!


Colorado day 3

Me and the girls went on a 2 hour horseback ride up and down a mountain in Avon, CO!  It was challenging, but the views were gorgeous!  Rilyn said, “They make this look a lot easier in the movies!”  At one point, Rilyn was crying because her horse kept eating grass and she had to keep pulling on the reins and the leather from the reins was blistering her hands.  😦  The ride was age 7 and up, but Ella needed a guide to lead her horse because she wasn’t strong enough to lead her horse.  The ride was definitely good for the girls to go out of their comfort zone and experience something so unique!

About to ride!

I’m ready!

Going downhill!


Colorado day 2

We just relaxed on Sunday!

Checking out Vail

I told the kids we will get to ride in one of these in a couple days!

There is a hot tub at the cabin we are staying at!

The kids are serenading Jen for her birthday!

My photography business!

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