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Welcome to New York

Celebrating Ella’s 10th birthday with a trip to New York!


celebrating my grandpa

My grandpa passed away on August 6th.  He lived a long, happy life and we flew to southern California to celebrate his life with all my dad’s side!

the Ericksons

At my grandpa’s memorial service

My family

some of his great grandchildren!

We took a picture re-creation with my three cousins! LOL

My kids did a little swimming in my grandpa’s pool where I swam as a kid!


Rilyn is 11!

June 3rd marks me officially being a mommy for 11 years!  Rilyn is a first born in every sense being a leader and responsible. She thinks she is an adult, always wanting to hang out with adults over younger kids.  She loves a party, and always wants to be around people.  She loves watching TV, and her favorite channel is HGTV!  She has been leading Girls Club at our house every Friday for the past 2 1/2 years.  We are excited to see where the Lord leads her in her life!

Traditional birthday song wake up with a donut! (Last year she was at Pine Cove on her birthday, and she didn’t want to miss her birthday traditions this year!) Pine Cove will be in July this summer!

Taylor Swift perfume from Ella!

This girl LOVES makeup! We went to Sephora the night before and she got foundation, blush, and lip gloss (from Asher). 🙂

At school, there was a 5th grade track day!

She made the 50m finals and got in 4th place!

Rilyn running the second leg of the relay race!

When she got home from school, Rilyn opened up a “new to her” laptop! Woohoo!

That evening, we had her birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory (daddy surprised her by showing up from his work trip). She opened up Taylor Swift concert tickets!!! Rilyn and I will be going in October! Happy Birthday sweet girl!


Mothers Day 2015

For Mothers Day/my 36th birthday I got a new camera!! Canon 6D!

my girl who made me a mommy!!

My cuddlebug!

My baby boy!

James made me dinner on Mother’s Day! Yummy!


Austin Rodeo 2015!

This is our 8th annual trip to the Austin Rodeo!  Wow!  Every year the kids ride more rides and we stay longer!  🙂

Rilyn is our thrill seeker, although Asher is waiting to be a little taller…

The best picture of the day! Check out Ella’s face! She tried this ride for the first time and, well…not so good! LOL

Much better! I guess she doesn’t like drops!

Asher and his beloved cousin Caden!

Asher loves the Dragon Swing! This ride made James sit out the next few…

Love this picture because what a fun grandpa they have! Love my dad! He always went on the fast rides with us growing up too!

Family pic!

Grandma, are you trying to steal some of my cotton candy? 🙂

Love this picture of Rilyn!

Ella loves the fun houses!

Look at my fun family!

Last stop-trying to win those carnival games…better luck next year!


Spring Break 2015!

We started Spring Break at our friends’ lakehouse in Kingsland, Texas. The weather was perfect, and so James took the kids jet skiing and the kids went tubing!

Check out Ella’s face here-she looks terrified! LOL

Now she’s getting into it!

Getting a little wild!

What a crew! Pecks, Suh, Hurts, and Paquette kiddos!


Heart dinner 2015!

We had our 2nd annual heart dinner for the kids on Valentines night this year!  It’s so fun to watch the kid’s faces when they see all the things we made into hearts!

mini heart pizzas!

hot dogs!

heart ice!

We also had a heart cookie cake, and heart strawberries and cucumbers! 🙂


Get your heart pumping!

On Valentines Day this year, the weather was amazing!  So amazing, that I thought let’s get our hearts pumping, and explore Austin by taking a hike with friends!  🙂

River Place Nature Trail

Me and my Valentine!

The Suhs and Paquettes!

We’ve had a pretty mild winter this year, and have gotten to ride bikes some too!


Valentines parties!

This was the last year for Rilyn to have a class Valentine party!  I can’t believe it!  Years and years of making Valentine boxes, and receiving fun Valentines from your friends, has come to an end!  I set up a photo booth in the 5th grade hallway this year for the kids to take their pictures at during their party!

Say cheese!


I was party hopping all afternoon long! Three parties for this momma! Whew!

Asher’s monkey Valentine bag!

The after party-messy faces and fingers!


Daddy Daughter Dance

This is the third Daddy Daughter Dance for James and the girls, but this one was extra special because our church, The Austin Stone, hosted it!  They had a wonderful time and James picked up Rilyn for a lunch date, and Ella for a dinner date before the dance.  Each girl gets their special time with daddy!

thanks daddy! I love it!

It’s so pretty, thanks!

The beautiful decorations!

dancing the night away!

My photography business!

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