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Our December

Visiting their newest cousin-Gideon!

Trimming the tree!

Ella was in the musical, The Mad Adventures of Mr. Toad. She was “Ratty”, one of Mr. Toad’s best friends.

Rilyn had a Christmas choir concert at her school!

Our church staff Christmas party brought in snow this year for the kids!

Christmas morning at our house!

Ella got her first phone!

Rilyn wanted a new phone!

Happy Birthday Jesus cake for breakfast!

Christmas evening at grandma and grandpa’s house

Christmas in Fort Worth!

Ugly sweaters at Mandy’s house!

Merry Christmas from the Paquettes!


Christmas 2014

Happy b-day Jesus!


Zekron EX!

Ella loves elephants!

The anticipation!

Wubble bubble ball!

An elephant massager!

Thank you Asher, let the fashion designing begin!

Just what mom wanted!

Thank you Ella!

What are you going to get dad?

Thank you!


I love my Beats!

Ella loves her mini iPad!

Hawaiian falls passes!

Asher with his Wubble ball!


Christmas in Fort Worth

Hi it’s Rilyn, this is my first blog post to write! We had Christmas in Fort Worth with dad’s family December 21st!

Here are the elves playing the stocking game!

On Thanksgiving Uncle Ben told us he was going to get us vegtables for Christmas. Of course he does!

Trying to look happy.

Why are you squatting Asher? And what are you doing back there Dad? I guess father like son.

Asher loves his Pikachu!

I love chemistry!

Asher looking at his JUMBO Pokemon card!

And Ella loves her cat!

Men will be men, and Asher will be Asher.


Family and footsies!

After my parents house, we headed to DFW to visit James’ family!  James and I actually got to go to Winstar in Oklahoma first with his family, and see Jim Gaffigan perform, which was awesome!  I highly recommend his comedy show, as he is hilarious, and clean!  I think I got sick from Winstar though, because it was so crowded, smoky, and with all the flu stuff going around…the next morning, I started feeling not so great!  😦  But I had plans to surprise my girls with their first trip to the American Girl store in Dallas with my sister that morning so I put on a happy face!  It was an early birthday treat for Ella!

This was Ella’s face when she saw the store for the first time!

I had made reservations for the bistro! They even seat and serve your dolls!

Happy early birthday Ella Bella!

After the store, we celebrated Christmas with the Paquettes!

Christmas dinner!

The kids love them some aunt Mandy!

Disneyland Kinect game for our new Xbox! We love Disneyland!

James’ parents got us season passes to Schlitterbahn! Woo-hoo!!

James is photobombing in grand style as we are about to open a “ladies gift” 🙂

My mother in law got all the ladies footsie pjs! How funny is that?

The next day we played the “stocking game” in which I won $20 from a lotto ticket in my stocking! Woo-hoo! The kids always enjoy being “elves” during the stocking game!


family time!

At my parents house ready to celebrate Christmas!

The cousins in front of all our stockings!

My mom wraps one ornament each year for us to open!

My sister with her nieces and nephew!

a little silliness!

My mom with her grandbabies!

Time to open presents! I got rain boots to use on those wet/muddy photo shoots!

Looks like someone else got boots too!

Ella got her American Girl!

Meet Sophie!

And this is Serenity!


a December to remember

Here we are January 6th, 2014, and things have FINALLY calmed down!  Routine is just about to start again, (school starts tomorrow), and I can now look back over the hundreds of pictures I took in the last 2 weeks and remember the great winter break we had (besides me and James getting nasty colds that lasted most of the break!)

Christmas caroling in the neighborhood!

Rilyn LOVES singing (and an audience), can you tell? lol

Christmas Eve was quiet with a beautiful service at our church, and then we counted the money in our Shepherd’s pouches. The kids earned enough money from the month of serving to buy safe playground equipment for the children at a Compassion Center, and Rilyn picked out the gift of a water well for a family. It was a beautiful way to end the night before Christmas. Asher had a small breakdown when he realized HE wasn’t getting the playground equipment, but he also has never been to a developing country like the girls, and doesn’t have the understanding of being without. More opportunity to pray for his heart. We discussed how much they had earned, and prayed that next year they could double that total. Honestly, many times it was hard to watch them for serving opportunities because their hearts would be hard to it. I would leave a laundry basket of Asher’s clothes out in the hallway, hoping one of the girls would see it, and offer to put his clothes away without being asked. It never happened. Sigh. Shepherd’s Pouches are a good reminder of how selfish our hearts are to serving others. I’m just as guilty, but it was tough to see how many missed opportunities the kids have to serve each other, even when I made it very obvious and easy for them. I pray that years down the road, they will make quadaruple the amount of money because of soft hearts to serve each other!

Christmas morning started with us putting the last ornament on our Jesse Tree.

Ella putting the star on the Jesse Tree

We read this book

each day of Advent to change it up a bit. I really enjoyed the book. The imagery the author uses to tell the Bible stories is really beautiful. It made the Bible stories come alive for me in a fresh way!

Christmas morning-the Shepherd’s Pouches are replaced with their stockings!

Asher’s favorite stocking stuffer? His whoopie cushions!

Rilyn got the boots she wanted!

Ella and her elephants! She got the middle size one for Christmas this year!

Asher the artist! He got his own mini easel and paint!

Their big gift this year was an xbox! Here they are opening a game which made them realize they got one!

Well, Asher didn’t understand. He yelled, “I got the Cars 2 movies!” Ella was already running to the living room where the xbox was. LOL

Rilyn got Just Dance!

We ended our morning with birthday cake for Jesus for breakfast!



celebrating in December!

December is a whirlwind, and I can’t believe we are 6 days from Christmas!  Here is a quick summary of our December!

Ella and Rilyn (both in the front row) had a school choir concert!

school Christmas parties of course!

Asher had a book exchange at his!

Gingerbread house making at the Thinkery! Just us girls!

We went to two live Nativities this year. Here was one that our church put on.  Asher and Caden with a wise man!

Mom and dad had some Christmas party attending to as well! This one was a National Lampoons Christmas vacation one! I tried my best to dress 80s! 🙂

Egg nog and moose mugs? Yes please!

James went as Uncle Eddie! Wearing his best sweater of course!

And last night we had a Christmas carnival party with the whole family! We were in charge of the Glow Golf game, so we just had to dress up! 🙂 Asher did not want to participate. 😦

We took home a great prize for being “best game hosts”!!


Erickson Christmas 2012

Unfortunately, this year, my brother and his family had the stomach flu, so they couldn’t join us.  It just wasn’t the same with all the family together.

Asher not too thrilled!

My sister was there though, which was a blessing, since the kids hadn’t seen her since June!

silly picture!

Asher wasn’t having it for the pictures this year…

Stocking time!

Rilyn has been waiting almost all year for the Friends Lego house…and she just knew that Grandma was going to get it for her! So when she was opening it, she closed her eyes in anticipation!

feels like it…

She got it!

Captain America!

Christmas morning 2012

The kids woke up Christmas morning and we started off by putting the last ornament on our Jesse Tree!  The star, which represents Jesus!

Then the kids counted up all the money they earned in their Shepherd Pouches this December. They earned $37 total and we told them we would match it…so they got to give $75 to the Makarios Flood Recovery fund!

Time for stockings!

a blank book for her to write/draw in!
Angry Bird gummies!

Ella got Rilyn a Barbie horse…I’m pretty sure that is what Ella wanted, and so she picked it out for Rilyn! lol…sisters!

Rilyn got Ella an elephant Beanie Ballz!

she LOVES it!

Asher got his first Beyblade!

oh ya!

Massive sister hug from Ella!

Rilyn’s “need” present…new Twinkle Toes!

Ella’s “want” present…a scooter!

Our family present was a trampoline! We told the kids to go upstairs because their last gift was there…then they looked out the window!

Homemade gifts are the best! Ella knows how much James loves “Johnny Football”-the Heisman winner from A&M…so she made him his own personal one! lol


For breakfast every Christmas morning, we eat birthday cake for Jesus!

The red candle in the middle of the star represents Jesus. We each took a candle and lit it from the middle candle to represent that we can be lights of the world for Him!

3 layer cake!

Paquette Christmas

We traveled to Fort Worth last weekend to celebrate Christmas with James’ family.  Rilyn loved setting up Oma’s nativity!

We visited aunt Mandy who had a local art show. (She is RAW visual artist of the year for Dallas!)

visit  Mandylopandy on Facebook to see more!

The kids painted ornaments for Oma’s tree.

The whole family!

Presents were opened!

a unicorn horn from aunt Mandy!

The kids big gift was a Giga ball!!


The favorite thing we look forward to is the stocking game! Every stocking has a gift card in it and there are “rounds” with $5 gift cards, $10, $15, and $25! Some gift cards are for Dollar Tree, and some are for Target!  (There always is trading at the end!)  Rilyn and Ella are the elves, and place the cards in the stocking in between each round.  We draw numbers to see who will pick first, second, etc.  So fun, and a tradition that we will no doubt carry on when we are grandparents!

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