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lessons learned and then learned again

I should of known…Rilyn did it once, even Ella has done it before.  I’m talking about putting them in a skirt with no bloomers on to take their nap.  I can see the ‘mom cringe’ now…so yes, Ella took her diaper off while she was supposed to be taking a nap.  Not only that, she peed all over her sheets and blankets and decided to take apart the diaper.  So when I finally walked in, (an hour after I put her down I started hearing noises), there was pieces of diaper cotton stuff all over the crib and the carpet where she was in the process of throwing each cotton piece out.  She even took out the diaper liner which was on the floor too.  geez.  When will I learn?

On another note, we went to a neat water park today, Scott B. Mentzer pool in Pflugerville.  It was way fun!  Rilyn is starting to cop a ‘tude these days when she really wants something.  Here is her trying to tell me that she wants to go to the park now(!)  Oh goodness, the teenage girl attitude is already coming at age 3!


First comes marriage then comes a baby in a baby carriage….

So last night we read about Isaac marrying Rebekah in the Bible.   Rilyn had marrying on the mind after that and told daddy she was only marrying boys.  Okay that is good.  Daddy asked her, “How do you get married, Rilyn?”  She matter of factly stated that “you hold hands and then you hold a candle.”  uh okay…(she might of got that idea from watching our wedding video and seeing the unity candle)   Daddy then said, “What do you do after you get married?”  Rilyn said, (and you know I will be saying this at her wedding reception one day), “You dance and then you get your chores done in the kitchen.”  😉

Then after nap today, when daddy went in her room to check on her, Rilyn was grunting.  “What are you doing Rilyn?”  “I am pushing a baby out.”  A little surprised, daddy asked, “Where does a baby come out of?”  She said, “I push it out of my bottom.”  hmmmm….


Ready, Set, Play!

So we went to this neat inflatable fun land today in Round Rock.  I highly recommend it.  Ella is a little daredevil as she goes on the big slide all by herself!


Sea World

Yesterday, my parents took our family to Sea World San Antonio.  We could of done without the crowds and the heat, but the girls did really well (especially considering no naps!)  They were awed at the beauty and size of Shamu and the acrobatics of the dolphins.  Rilyn went on her first rollar coaster and we discovered she has no fear as she put her arms up on all the rides!  It was a great day with family!  Thanks mom and dad.  Check out more of our photos on our August photo link.


Sister bond

Some days it’s all about being sisters…


My photography business!

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