So James is still trying to figure out what is too complicated for Rilyn to understand…he tries, and he wants to always be truthful, but some things are better left for when she is a little older. Example follows:

(Rilyn and James are in the car alone on their way back from a ‘date’.)

Rilyn said to Daddy: “I always want to be at home with mommy and daddy forever.”

Daddy to Rilyn: “You will live in your house for awhile, but then you will grow up and move out on your own.”

R to D: “I don’t want to, I want to stay with you forever.”
D to R: “Rilyn, this isn’t our true home, our true home is heaven. You can’t live forever at home.”

R to D: “I don’t want to go to heaven, I want to go to my home.”

D to R: “Home is yucky compared to heaven.”

R to D: “I’m going to tell mommy to clean my home so it’s not yucky.”

D to R: “Rilyn, you either go to heaven or hell.”

R to D: “I want to go to hell then.”

D to R: “But hell is a bad place where there is lots of booboos, and crying and lots of fire.”

R to D: “I don’t want to go to hell-I want to go home!!!!”

(Rilyn then comes in the house with tear rimmed eyes and I ask James, what happened in the car????)

On a lighter note, Ella told her first knock knock joke the other day, well, it was half a joke but it still made me laugh.

Ella: “Knock, Knock.”

Mommy: “Who’s there?”

Ella: “Baby Jesus!!”

(She proceeds to bust out in laughter) 😉 Oh, I love my girls!

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