double digits

Today, Asher hit the double digit month-10.  It’s a pretty big milestone considering he will be double digit months old until he is almost 8 1/2 years.  (Yes, I know I think of weird things.)  Anyway, still no walking, but his cruising is getting faster and faster, so we’ll see.  Right now he is starting to show his temper.  If I even get near the back door, he starts kicking his legs and whining because he wants to go outside and swing.  And when we take him out of the swing, he starts crying.  So mommy has left him in the swing in the backyard (with the girls) while I cook dinner.  Rilyn may push him once in awhile, (God help him if Ella gets a push!), but generally he just hangs there looking around-it’s a great babysitter and he is safely locked in!  Love it!

From February 2009
From February 2009

**The tongue thing must be genetic because all of my kids did this as babies!

From October 2006

Ella-10 months old

From April 2005

Rilyn-10 months old

1 Response to “double digits”

  1. 1 PawPaw Bear
    February 25, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    THis truly is a sign of a genius just look at old Albert Einstein. Or perhaps he just showing
    his anticipation of the joy of the swing lol

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