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my oma does it, what about yours?

My Oma (grandma in German) plays soccer.

Rilyn-17 months old

My Oma carries canoes on her head.

From November 2008

My Oma has Battlefield (pc game) birthday parties.

From May 2009

Does yours?

James’ mom is super fun and our kids are blessed to have her!



Ella had splash day on Tuesday at her preschool and, well, I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

warming up and getting in ‘the zone’ for the big water slide
Whoa! This is steeper than it looks!!
(Anna, and a boy who obviously likes her, Jake, and Ella) Hike up that bottom girl!
Again, this boy must really dig Anna!  Ella is leaping for joy?!?
From May 2009


Today is our 8th anniversary!  It’s always fun to remember back on the day we were married and bring out the old wedding album…but I thought I would share some honeymoon pictures this time!

stitches in a Mexican hotel “doctor’s office”
James with his chin bandage

What?!? Your honeymoon pictures don’t look like those?  You mean your new husband didn’t try to do ‘tricks’ on a water slide in Cancun, Mexico and crack open his chin?  Well, I must have been a lucky wifey on my honeymoon!

excuse the picture, I scanned it from an old scrapbook

Here is the ‘Space Bowl’ with James in it right before he tried to do his trick and “hang” in the bowl!  Haha!  Sharing my life with James is always full of humor and adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We actually already celebrated our anniversary Monday, (when you get free babysitting, you celebrate), with a round of golf (we take turns planning our anniversary and it was my turn to plan for him).  I actually bought golf shoes this time so I guess I’m stuck with a new quasi hobby!  I did, after all, beat James on one hole!


So you think you can dance

I admit-I can’t wait for the season premiere tonight on FOX!  We loved the show last summer and this summer it is even sweeter because we know one of the contestants!  And, I saw her last night on the promo for the show during American Idol (by the way-so pumped that Kris Allen won!)  Okay, so everyone who reads this and watches the show…when voting starts, if Melissa Sandvig makes it, please vote for her!

Click here to watch the promo clip.  She is the ‘naughty ballerina’.  😉

Back story:  I met her because I’ve known her husband since 2nd grade!  When we went to California last month, we all had lunch together and of course I got a picture taken with her (just in case she becomes super famous!  lol)

Melissa Sandvig

I always know it’s the end of May when…

a Tuesday looks like this next week:

9:30-10  -Awards celebration for Ella at preK

10-11  -Splash day and then p.j. day at Ella’s preK (must go to take pictures)

12:30-2:30  -Rilyn’s field trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm (I’m a parent volunteer)

7-9  -community group

8:00  -moms for moms (church group) celebration night at La Madeleine’s

And, oh yah, it will be our 8th wedding anniversary that day too!

Can I be at all these things?  Probably not, (and seriously not when Asher goes to school!)  Some days, I wish I could just duplicate myself.


bounce baby!

We were supposed to have a bounce house at Asher’s first birthday party, but due to lack of electricity at the park, we couldn’t get it blown up!  What a bummer for the kids, BUT we did get a raincheck!  So today, just in time for the perfect weather, the kids got the bounce house in their backyard.

Fake Mickey bounce house
boing boing

u.f.o sighting

this is a swing!

James took the kids to a new park on Saturday morning (before all the rain!) so I could continue to scrapbook our Disney trip.  (Thanks babe!)

Wow, parks are sure changing these days!  James came back with lots of pictures, (seriously James, I’m trying to catch up on my scrapbooking!) of all these crazy looking structures.  He said the park was very cool and I’m looking forward to going this summer!  Here is the link for all my Austin friends-Mueller Lake Park.

not your average play equipment
James and the kids had a picnic under willow trees
biking/walking trail
Like ‘teacups’ that spin as you wobble around
like a merry-go-round except way cooler

80’s hair band or Snow White? you decide.

Ella came down the stairs yesterday claiming she was Snow White.  Granted, this used to look like a Snow White wig when she got it at Christmas, but now…I’m not so sure.  And to make matters worse, she posed like a true punk rocker and it made me think of a certain hair band of the 80’s…

Ella as ‘Snow White’

or maybe she is pretending to be Gene Simmons?

Gene Simmons of KISS

graceful exits

I’m sure one day Rilyn will not be too thrilled that I posted these pictures, but it was so funny I couldn’t pass it up.  James took these shots the other day (note: I’m trying to cut back in my photo-taking this month, not James.)

From May 2009
From May 2009

This is what happens when mommy has left over swim diapers from last summer and you have two older sisters.

From May 2009

just a little temperamental

I was just so fed up with Ella’s crying fits the other day, that the only thing I could do for my sanity was to video tape her and know that one day this would be funny to me!  If this is what she acts like during a simple ‘ball game’ then we are going to have a lot of fun during the teenage years!  (Pardon our white trash backyard, we had to put all the kids toys ‘up’ so our lawn guy could mow for the first time this year!)

*I love how Rilyn stands up for her sister and says, “Stop video taping her!”  What a mean mommy I am!

My photography business!

May 2009