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Marry Me

took a little while but here is a short video our trip to Kauai celebrating ten years…I’d ask her every day if I had to! I love you Julie



Today is our 8th anniversary!  It’s always fun to remember back on the day we were married and bring out the old wedding album…but I thought I would share some honeymoon pictures this time!

stitches in a Mexican hotel “doctor’s office”
James with his chin bandage

What?!? Your honeymoon pictures don’t look like those?  You mean your new husband didn’t try to do ‘tricks’ on a water slide in Cancun, Mexico and crack open his chin?  Well, I must have been a lucky wifey on my honeymoon!

excuse the picture, I scanned it from an old scrapbook

Here is the ‘Space Bowl’ with James in it right before he tried to do his trick and “hang” in the bowl!  Haha!  Sharing my life with James is always full of humor and adventure and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

We actually already celebrated our anniversary Monday, (when you get free babysitting, you celebrate), with a round of golf (we take turns planning our anniversary and it was my turn to plan for him).  I actually bought golf shoes this time so I guess I’m stuck with a new quasi hobby!  I did, after all, beat James on one hole!


spring BREAK

And by ‘break’ I mean James and I got to take a 2 day ‘getaway’ to the Hyatt Lost Pines resort and spa in Bastrop, TX. We were so blessed to have James’ parents take the girls for a week and my parents take Asher for a couple of days!  I know the kids had more fun than we did.  Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful to have some R&R, just the two of us, but let’s just say our hotel didn’t live up to expectations.  (For starters, we walked into a dirty hotel room….eeewww!  Nothing like seeing someone else’s wet towels and sheets on the floor when you walk in!)  The list goes on from there(we actually moved hotel rooms twice)…BUT we did have a wonderful time golfing together(my first time to golf 18 holes!) and I would like to try golfing again (there is just that little thing called childcare!)  And we had a ‘duet massage’ that was nice in the resort’s spa.

From March 2009
From March 2009

The girls had such a blast going on their first train ride to Oklahoma City with their Oma and Papaw Bear. In ‘Bricktown’ they were busy visiting all the tourist attractions.

Can’t go on a train without conductor hats!              From March 2009
Bottoms Up!  on the train                   From March 2009
What was in that bottle Ella??                           From March 2009
totally Ella          From March 2009
again…totally Ella          From March 2009
Strike a pose                                                         From March 2009
Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory    From March 2009
From March 2009
From March 2009

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