everybody should “homeschool”

Going Public (part 2)

This part of the book really encouraged me because I’m not just sending my kids ‘off.’  I can send them to public school and “homeschool” them!  I love it!

“Public-school parents, take heart! Not only is it possible for your kids to survive the public-school system, it’s also possible for them to thrive and become fine men and women who make a positive impact on others. And in the process, it’s possible for families of faith to help shape the public-school system and infuse it with the winsome fragrance of Jesus Christ.” (pg. 12)

“We consider ourselves to be our children’s number-one educators, and we will never give up that resposibility or privilege-even though they spend 30 hours a week in somebody else’s classroom.  We instruct our kids every day.  We look for the teachable moments that intersect with what they are experiencing outside our home.  We draw frames around their encounters and activities, showing how they fit within God’s greater perspective.” pg. 21

In this book, it is written that there are five areas that need the greatest attention from parents.  God gave these children to us.  He will hold each of us accountable for their upbringing.  We are their first and ultimate teachers.  What goes into their minds and souls is our responsibility.

1.  Biblical Worldview-The battle between good and evil, light and darkness, the unique place of God’s people in offering His love to humanity, the fact of absolute truth, the coming day of accountability to an eternal God.

2.  Creation

3.  Sexuality-you can ‘opt out’ of public school’s sexuality unit due to it’s failure to address the moral dimension of human sexuality.

4.  American Heritage-Due to a desire to be politically correct, most public schools teach a very skewed, stripped down version of what guided the founding of this nation.

5.  Spiritual Life and Devotion-The public school is not even going to try to expose young people to God’s Word and prayer on a daily basis-and it shouldn’t.  That is our job. pg. 158-160

Going Public part 1 here

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