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zoo day

The perfect day to go to the zoo-55 degrees outside, middle of the week, and no one was there! And when no one is there, your toddler can do this:

Where’s Asher?  Running free in the navy jacket!

And he can do this:

Asher popping a squat

We went to the Cameron Park zoo in Waco. It is small, but so much fun! Where else could you see buffalo next to a traffic signal?

Asher again proved he was ‘all boy’ when he discovered a teepee. There was mud inside and of course he found it! He came out looking like an Indian with war paint!

And then Asher decided that the teepee wasn’t decorated enough, so he added his own ‘native art’

those are his handprints!
snoozing lion
Ella, giraffes aren’t noisy!
This tiger was chasing and roaring at us!
The zoo had an orangutan play area for the kids!
There was also a play area for kids!  Ella loved climbing all over this snake
Can you see Asher ‘sliding into the water’?
Obviously, the kids were tired out after our day trip!This is Ella who fell asleep in the car on the way home!

december outtakes

Some random pictures this month deserve to seen and so here is their turn!
Rilyn and Ella went to their good friend, Cole’s, ‘Star Wars’ themed birthday party.  All the girls got to wear handmade Princess Leia buns! What a cute idea!

Asher has taken a liking to pushing his sisters’ doll stroller around the house.  In an effort to thwart his ‘girly’ behavior, I switched the stroller with a grocery cart. (Just a little less girly, I know.)  Anyway, before I know it, he gets in my Tupperware cabinet and fills the cart with my Tupperware!  He was hilarious pushing it around the house-my own little Tupperware lady man!

Who needs bowls?

When we were in Fort Worth, Ella fell in love with Aunt Mandy’s cat, Leyle. Did I mention this kitty has a weight problem? That didn’t seem to bother Ella though, as she carried Leyle around the house like she was her baby. Poor kitty!


Christmas in Temple

After our family Christmas in the morning, we drove an hour north to Temple for the Erickson Christmas!

our Ella
Barbie movie!!
Don’t you just love the looks you get from your kids

when they open presents?!?

spoiled with gifts
my nephew, Caden’s, first Christmas!
wonder and awe of the season
Asher was so excited to see his new chair!
Their new uncle Eric, a police officer, gave Asher a talking police helmet.

Looks like the girls will be using it first for awhile!

The Erickson clan:  Back row: Jessica, Eric, Caden, Jeff, Becca, Norine, Ella, Rick

Front row:  Rilyn, James, Asher, and me


our family Christmas morning

Our girls woke us up looking like this:

I love that Ella has this face before she evens seeswhat the gift is!
We let Asher sleep in-much easier that way!
Daddy is so proud explaining how the ipod shuffle works to his daughters!He is raising them to be music lovers like he is!
Only my girls would be this excited over desk chairs!  (Granted, they do have wheels!)
The big reveal:  their own art desk in the kitchen(for now)!
Asher wakes up and sits on his present
Daddy blows it up and Asher loves his new ball pit!

happy birthday jesus cake

We started a new tradition last year which was to eat birthday cake for breakfast on Chrismas morning for Jesus!  Last year’s cake was okay, but this year, I wanted to try even harder for more ‘meaning’.  After searching the internet, I came up with this creation:

couldn’t be a party without party horns!
blow out the candles!
Three layers of yummyness!

1st layer of cake = is brown for our sins.

2nd layer = is red for Jesus’ blood shed for our sins.

3rd layer = is green for life (ours if we confess with our mouth and believe with our heart that Jesus Christ is our Lord.)

Frosting is white = stands for Jesus’ purity & righteousness.

Gold Star in middle of cake top = star of Bethlehem = led wise men to Jesus. Star is 6 pointed =Star of David = Jewish nation in which Jesus is born.

Big Red candle in middle of star of David is Jesus.

We lit the red candle in the middle. Then each of us took our small candles and lit them from Jesus’ candle & carefully stuck  in the cake. Let our lights shine before men! Then we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus!!


From our family to yours

We wish you a blessed Christmas and may you celebrate Emmanuel!  God with us!

Christmas Eve 2009
Don’t let the above picture fool you…
It was very difficult to get a good group shot of the kids!
Here’s PROOF!

My 3 kids who love each other so much!
the Paquettes 2009

Fort Worth

We just got home spending the ‘first Christmas’ of the season with James’ family.  We always enjoy spending time with them-don’t get me wrong, but, GOSH! Asher sure makes it hard to really enjoy the holidays right now.  Is it his age?  Or that he is a boy?  Or a sign of things to come with his personality?  I don’t know, but what I do know is that pictures don’t lie…(okay, sometimes they do when I cleverly photoshop them, but I promise, these pictures were not photoshopped!)  🙂

‘Bruiser’ was his nickname on this trip because he received

a busted bottom lip, a rubber burn on his chin from the mall playcourt, and an

unknown head injury

Lollipops kept him content, (he still is looking for trouble in this picture),but if

you dare take the lollipop away because there is nothing but the stick left…

you get this
and this

James’ Christmas in Fort Worth could be summed up as “Sprite and Saltines”.  He got food poisoning right before we left and he never fully recovered the whole time we were there. Poor guy!


The girls had fun playing the ‘money game,’ as they called it, in Oma and Papaw’s dining room.

There was no shortage of fun for the girls!  Ella with her game face!
Cindy, Braden, Ben, Asher, Ella, Bear, Rilyn, James, Mandy, Allen, and me
the kiddos

Merry Christmas!

Because Rilyn started kindergarten this year, we thought it would be appropriate to do a ‘family report card’  in lieu of a traditional letter.  Enjoy!

the front and the back
the inside
our Christmas picture 2009

it was an accident

On Wednesdays I usually babysit 7 kids throughout the day.  It is wild and crazy but my kids love having their friends over all day and I love helping out my friends!  This afternoon, one of the boys came downstairs to tattle on Ella for drawing on the carpet.  Ella quickly came downstairs to tell me it was an “accident” (she was holding a dry erase marker because she was drawing on the whiteboard easel).  I didn’t even go upstairs to check, and just thought she probably swiped a short line across the carpet.  (Our carpet upstairs is pretty gross and we should of replaced it when we moved in, but thought, “it’s a giant playroom-so what’s the point?”)  Anyway, tonight I went upstairs to get something and this is what I saw…

This masterpiece was about 12 inches long and 6 inches tall

Ella, dear. I don’t think this was an “accident.”


our little star

Ella had her preschool Christmas show today.  She tried to sing every song and was very animated, even lifting up her dress to show everyone her belly and showing off her tights where the crotch was down to her knees.  We’re so proud of our little star!

Look at  me!!!
Ella singing her heart out!
not sure why Ella is the only child holding her hands out…(somebody likes attention!)

My photography business!

December 2009