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it’s the holiday season!

From November 2009
From November 2009

finally foliage!

I love to take pictures.  I got a new camera that I love.  I have certain pictures that James and the girls know mommy NEEDS to take each year.  They are, (besides the obvious holiday/birthday ones), pictures in the bluebonnets and pictures in fall foliage.  Now the first is way easier than the second because of where we live.  I resent that sometimes.  Each year, I’m on a hunt, and what usually ends up happening is I get of picture of them in dead leaves (because at least their brown.)  Today though, I got some pretty good shots of the kids in my parent’s backyard of all places(I’m not saying this is ‘Boston in the fall’ type leaves but they’re decent)!  I think I found my new annual fall foliage spot (I hope!)  Enjoy!

This is some of my past ‘fall foliage’ (i.e. dead leaves)

From November 2006
From November 2008


From November 2009
From November 2009
From November 2009
From November 2009
Ella’s look just scares me in this photo…

first game

Rilyn went to her first Aggie game yesterday. Sadly, we lost (39-49) to a #3 ranked team (that will remain nameless), but we played hard and the game was very entertaining! At times, I got emotional thinking of my oldest daughter walking around the campus where James and I met. It was so neat to see her experience Aggie football-something James and I both love. She did great and stayed up the whole game (7 p.m. kick-off). How could she sleep when Visor Guy is sitting in front of her?  There was a long time out (like 10 minutes), because a player was hurt and it was very quiet in the stadium of 84,500 fans.  After awhile, Rilyn said rather loud, “Is he dead daddy?”  We heard a few chuckles from the fans around.  Then she said, “We should pray for him.”  She proceeded to pray out loud for the hurt player.  It was so sweet to hear.
Enjoy the pictures!

entering the stadium an hour before kick-off to watch the corp march in
a view of the clock tower from Kyle Field

Grandpa, Rilyn, and daddy

yelling “AAAAAA!” during defense!
Rilyn holding Reveille and ‘Visor Guy’ in front
fast asleep on the car ride home

happy thanksgiving

Go Cowboys! Go Aggies!



Not much to blog about these days…BUT today I got my $500 Home Depot gift card in the mail which was pretty exciting!  I spent $45 to get this card that I applied for in mid-September.  Now I just have to figure out what to spend it on!?!  😉  Again, if you are interested in how I get these, click here!

Oh, and I just finished my Christmas cards.  I won’t mail them until the second week of December, but I’ll give you a preview…

You’re interested, right? 😉 I love getting Christmas cards by the way!! Please send yours to us!  We keep them all year in a basket on our table and each night that we have family dinners, we pick one out and pray for that family. You want to be prayed for right?!? 😉

Oh, and at this time next week, I’ll be in Las Vegas at the Bellagio!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’ll be at the A&M v. t.u game (which will be Rilyn’s first Aggie game!)  Pretty exciting-now if they will just pull off a victory for her first game!  Gig’Em!


happy meal and memories

Rilyn went with daddy to McDonald’s this past weekend and brought home this as her happy meal toy.

Strawberry Shortcake notebook and stamper

Boy, did this toy bring back some memories!!!

This is me at age 6 in my favorite bedroom ever!  1985


Last night for our family night we ‘made’ a thankfulness box and read Bible verses about being thankful. So simple!  (We really just decorated a box with stickers.)  We decided that we will make this a new family tradition during the month of November.  Each night this month that we have family dinners, (we try to eat all together at the table at least 3-4 times a week), we will go around and have everybody say something they are thankful for.  We will write it on a post it note and then put it in the thankfulness box.  On Thanksgiving we will open the box up and praise God for all the many things we have to be thankful for!  Last night, Ella said she was thankful for Grandma.  So sweet.  Rilyn said she was thankful for her Build A Bear.  hmmm.

Paquette family thankfulness box

Last night I said I was thankful for our health. But today, I am thankful for the $500 check that came in from another one of my online offers!!!! ($500 Home Depot card should be coming soon…)

Asher trying to grab my check!

I did this offer in late September and it cost me $55! If you are interested in doing online offers-they obviously really work!-you can check it out here. Or here. Or here. Or you can message me and I can host another ‘get trained’ class. (I already taught 2 other ladies last week!)


countdown vegas!

We love Vegas!  The lights, the energy, the food, the entertainment, and yes, the gambling!  It  feels like another world when you enter ‘the strip’ and sometimes it is nice to just take a break from your daily routine. Together, James and I have been to Vegas twice, and in a few weeks, we are going again with some old (and newer) friends!  (We all happen to be Aggies though!)  In honor of me getting excited about our KID FREE trip, I am posting some past trips…

Spring Break 2002…(We went with some of our college friends, Halim and Jen were some of them!)

When you’re broke, you stay at the Excalibur!
Halim, Carson, James and Noel getting their ‘model’ on at the Paris hotel
We saw Blue Man Group at the Luxor!  Great show!
On top of the Stratosphere

Halim, Jen, me, James, Noel, and Carson

May 2006

We went back to Vegas for our 5 year wedding anniversary! 


We had a little more money, so we moved on up to the Monte Carlo hotel!  😉

Slot machines are not my favorite, but this is


the only place I could sneak a picture in the casino!

We saw Mystere’ Cirque Du Soleil and Hairspray


Both great shows!

James tells me that we are staying at the Bellagio and we are seeing “O” – I am super excited!!! Friends, fun, food, FREEDOM-here I come!!!!! (AND I’m not even going to stress out that the day we fly in from Vegas, it is my sister’s rehearsal dinner for her wedding and my girls are flower girls, Asher is the ring bearer, I’m a bridesmaid, and James a groomsman!) Nope, not me, I never stress! 😉


halloween 2009

a brother and his Disney princesses
Look at this lion on the PROWL!!!!
Before trick or treating each year, we have a neighborhood party with all our friends and eat chili!  The most notable thing about this photo is how Rilyn is holding newborn Ivey Peck (4 weeks), and Cole Richardson is lovingly looking on as if they are married and staring at their own child!  Yikes!  Oh, and I guess the Suh kids don’t like group shots!  😉
trick or treat!
Malachi Suh getting the best of Asher!  I foresee a rematch in the near future…


We had a BUSY Halloween!!  To start off, we took a boat cruise down Town Lake (Lady Bird Lake) in Austin.  The cruise was a ‘thank you’ to all the Kidstuff volunteers at our church.  We got to bring our families (Asher stayed behind to nap at a friends), and it was just a relaxing afternoon!  (Well, besides the pirates that visited us…)

the skyline
daddy and ella
there was definitely some dancing!
we saw pirates next to us in the waters!  they launched water balloons at us!
Ella was freaked out by the pirates and hid

for the next 30 minutes

rilyn dancing
Not quite the Titanic but you get the picture

My photography business!

November 2009