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Rainbow Rilyn

For Halloween this year, Rilyn wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake, but I could not find a costume in her size.  So, I tried to come up with an idea that I knew she would love-Rainbow Brite!  Now she didn’t even know who that was, but she did love the costume because it was full of rainbow colors!  And, to make it even more fun, my mom ordered the doll they make nowadays.  It’s not the old school one that I had, but it will do, and she was more than happy!  Unfortunately, Rilyn had strep throat, and had to sit Halloween out this year.  She did, however, get dressed up, (subconsciously because I think she knew how much mommy wanted pictures of her! I promise I did not tell her to get dressed up so I could take pictures!)

I forgot to post pics of Rilyn carving pumpkins!
She let daddy do all the scooping!
so pretty
poor baby, you can see she doesn’t feel great
Here is the Rainbow Brite doll nowadays 

What’s up with the yellow hair, right?

wishing to feel better!

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

We visited a ghost town right here in Manor yesterday!  It was really fun to let the kids explore, and I think we will make this an annual tradition around Halloween time!

ghost town
Will Berry Undertaker…  haha
Boo Hill graveyard
This was fun to go in and out of the jail cell!
this boy loved running around
Good job Aggies on the win yesterday!


Anyone who knows Ella, knows that this girl has lots of expressions!  During pumpkin carving last night, she did not disappoint!

Ella said that she messed up her pumpkin face that she drew…
…therefore this face ensued.  If she doesn’t succeed at something, she breaks down.
this is gross!
Ella’s intense pulp stare
sassy look, complete with finger point
don’t mess with this girl…she has a knife!  (yes, we let them carve a little this year!)
sweet ella!

asher vs. the pumpkin

We made Asher have his first pumpkin carving experience yesterday.  I say ‘made’ because he did NOT want any part of putting his arm in the pumpkin to pull out the pulp!  Not to worry, super uncompassionate parents to the rescue!  (I think the last picture sums up his experience the best!)

Honorary Halloween shirt to wear this week
He loved drawing all over his pumpkin with markers!
lifting the ‘lid’….not too bad, yet.
Whoa!  I am NOT putting my arm in there!
Asher trying his best to strong arm daddy!
drool for dramatic effect
Oh the agony!  We are such mean parents!!  🙂


Ever since Rilyn got gum in her hair a couple months back, and I had to cut a good portion off, (she had layers), I’ve wanted to chop Rilyn’s hair to make it all even!  But I couldn’t, because she needed to have ponytails in every weekend for cheerleading.  Now that cheerleading is officially over, we went to chop off her hair!  Now I love Ella’s hair-very thick and has good body.  But Ella wanted her hair just like Rilyn’s, and so Ella got her hair chopped off too!


CTPW Cheer Championships

Yesterday was Rilyn’s Central Texas Pop Warner Cheer Championship!  This was a way bigger deal than I imagined!  Their team got to perform where the Austin rodeo is and took center stage as thousands of people watched!  There were about 12 cities represented there from around central Texas.  Since Rilyn is in the youngest division, she only ‘performs’ and is not competing for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place.  They do get judged though, and out of the 5 judges, most of them gave them 7’s or 8’s (out of 10’s) on their overall performance!  We watched about 38 performances yesterday and it was a lot of fun to watch!  I brought the wrong lens and the lighting in there was horrible, so excuse my bad pictures! I put Rilyn’s name above where she is standing.

The Manor Falcon Tiny Mite team marching in to perform!
Ready!  (Yes, there were CRAZIES there like this lady in front who wore a pom pom 

on her head.  Her husband painted his whole bald head yellow and purple!)

This was their ‘lift’ they did in the routine.  Rilyn had to hold the girl’s back to make sure 

she didn’t fall!

I dropped off Rilyn at 7:45 in the morning and I picked her up at 5:00 p.m.! When I saw her she was crying because the Manor Falcon Jr. PeeWee team got 4th place and therefore couldn’t go on to San Antonio. So sweet being empathetic. (Our Pee Wee team got first place, so they are going to San Antonio, and if they win that-Disney World!)  So that is why she isn’t looking thrilled in this picture. She is holding up a necklace charm that says “Love 2 Cheer” that each girl got at the end of the competition.


fall fest

For the third time now, I’ve volunteered to take pictures at an event (all of them happen to be for Rilyn so far), to help make money for her school or cheer team.  (Each parent pays some money and I will fancy up their photo and e-mail it to them!)   Last night was Rilyn’s Fall Fest at her elementary school.  I took 40 pictures-whew, that’s a lot of editing, but well worth it!

They could come dressed up and Ella wanted to be a bride!  She looked really cute because I saw her walking around with the front veil over her face very serious, like she was a real bride.  Rilyn chose to wear her old dance recital costume and Asher, well, daddy was just lucky to get all 3 kids by himself to the fall fest.  (Not to mention it was pretty important for Asher to wear a baseball shirt to support the Rangers!)  🙂


farm fun?

Today I went along with Ella’s preschool class to the Elgin Christmas Tree farm.  We already went once this month, and Ella had to wear a not-so-pretty orange field trip t-shirt so I wasn’t too excited about going, (who wants to take pictures with not cute clothes on?).  It was hot, and we didn’t even go to the pumpkin area for pictures!  Bummer!  I managed to get a few cute pictures of Ella, and I got to spend some one on one time with her, so the day was a success in my book!

pondering in front of the corn field maze
I liked this bench
I liked this fence too.  🙂
duck races by pumping water
hay bale maze
I feel so blessed that I can have these opportunities to go

on special trips with my kids individually!



It was only a matter of time before Asher got into the Halloween web decorations around our house!  I taught the girls how to stretch the cotton to look like webs and they loved it.  Surprisingly, it took Asher one week before he discovered how to tear it down and ‘play’ in it.  So much fun for a 2 1/2 year old!


patch fun

There was lots of activities at the pumpkin patch!

Farm animals to look at!  (Notice the sign and what Asher 

is doing!  Oops!)

a corn field maze!  This was really fun!
A hay bale maze.  Again, notice the sign and then what James is doing!
Rubber duck water races!  Levi and Rilyn both won! 😉
daddy and his kiddos
family shot!

My photography business!

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