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lights! camera! hold very still!!!!

On a whim, (hence the play clothes they have on), I decided to take the kids’ pictures in front of our house tonight.  (Yes, they are wearing flip flops and shorts and it is almost December.  And tomorrow it will be freezing, go figure Texas weather.)  In order to get these shots, the kids had to hold very still because I didn’t want to use the flash.  I can’t wait to see more houses with Christmas lights up, so get yours up!  By the way, I received our first Christmas card today! 🙂

Asher is in love with our lights!


Yesterday we decorated my parents tree for Christmas!  I’m so excited that the Christmas season is finally here!  Every year it gets more fun with the kids getting older!

Ella’s turn to put the star on their tree!
The girls decorating

We decorated our house today, but I didn’t take any pictures.  I will, however, get a shot of our front yard soon because James did a great job of lighting it up!  We have the music box lights so they blink according to the rhythm of the Christmas music being played.  Asher wanted to stay outside all night when James showed him.  It was so fun to see the kids faces as they danced around the yard-like a musical Christmas wonderland!


favorite photos from Thanksgiving

We had a wonderful holiday!  Here are some of my favorite photos!

Thanksgiving dinner at my house with James’ family
Rilyn and Asher
Uncle Ben with Busta (who ran into a table and busted his head)
Rilyn and her beautiful Aunt Mandy, James’ sister
Thanksgiving dinner at my parent’s house
Asher and his cousin, Caden

The first SNL Thanksgiving

Rilyn decided she wanted us to do a family thanksgiving skit this year. So she and Ella got the props and costumes ready and Julie added her creative SNL twist and we performed it for our family yesterday.

Make sure to stick it out until the end, my favorite part is Rilyn’s nervous anticipation before the ‘grand finale’.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I took the kids for our annual fall foliage pictures today in Temple. Asher didn’t make it out because he was misbehaving earlier and had to take a nap at my mom’s house.   😦


Monday crafts!

I’m feeling crafty, aren’t I?  🙂

Today, my good friend Angela dropped off some cloth napkins that I can borrow for Thanksgiving (see how it pays to blog about your ‘needs’?)

So, I thought for about 2 seconds that I could go to the store and bring all 3 kids with me to buy fancy napkin rings OR (this is when the sane side of me kicked in), I could make my own!  I started searching on tipjunkie, (oh how I love thee), and found this!  I tweaked the idea a little to fit my needs, (used dixie cups from the kids bathroom, cut out the top part to make a napkin ring), and voila!

The girls painted the dixie cups black and I sprayed them over with chalk board paint.

The girls are on a Wikki Stix kick and have added to their artwork from Saturday. Two more cupboards were graced with some Thanksgiving creations!

This might be Squanto

saturday crafts

I have been wrapped up in buying things for the Thanksgiving table lately, since for the first time in Austin, we are hosting Thanksgiving for James’ family.  Gold chargers, brown table runner, off white table cloth, my off white china…I want to buy cloth napkins too, but then I would HAVE to buy napkin rings, right?  🙂  It has been really fun to ‘dress’ the table and I’m looking forward to the finished product on Thursday.  One thing I knew we needed was place cards, and as much as I wanted to make fancy looking, ‘sophisticated’ ones that I see on so many of the craft blogs, I knew the girls would enjoy making them and it would add a personal touch to our table.  So, out came the craft scissors, special gold pen, stickers, and buttons (that was Rilyn’s request).  The girls were busy in their room for awhile.  Ella got to make 6 and Rilyn 6.  Ella came out with her 6 and here is an example of one:

Oma won’t mind her turkey standing up right?

When I asked Ella why she taped the button on when they have glue in their room, she reminded me that she can’t use glue until December because she glued pink paper to her door a few weeks ago. Oh yeah, oops! I guess I have two rule-followers in the family, (well plus me, so three, and we are pretty certain Asher is NOT a rule-follower!)

Here is the evidence of that past event where Ella got on ‘glue restriction’ 

hot pink paper+glue stick+door=residue that won’t come off

And I have no clue why she thought gluing paper to a door was okay.

Rilyn made an another craft today with her Wikki Stix. She put this on our kitchen cupboard, isn’t is cute?

gobble gobble!

snack time

Asher keeps me on my toes every day hour!  Today, he came into the house from the backyard looking like this:

Apparently, the pink chalk was delicious, because he had way more than a taste!


melting moments

Rilyn brought this home from school today. Melted my heart.


how do you decorate for Thanksgiving?

Rilyn wanted me to get some feathers because she is planning on doing a Thanksgiving skit this year for our family when they come to visit.  When I bought them for her though, somewhere plans changed in that creative mind of hers.  Yesterday, Rilyn and Ella started bringing out their ‘friends’ after being in their room for awhile.  I was informed that they were ‘decorating their room for Thanksgiving’ and everyone had to wear Indian hats.

I had the girls line up all the animals, figurines, toilet paper roll Indians, and even the giant Barbie head for a picture!

After I took the picture, Ella wanted to look in my camera to see which ones smiled!  She said, “Barbie had a good smile.”  🙂

My photography business!

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