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pics of licks

I was itching to take some photographs today.

I was searching around in my pantry for a snack and I found a big lollipop!

I know these are two random facts that seemingly have nothing to do with each other, but I have always been wanting to take pictures with a big lollipop, (is this strange?) and I totally forgot that I had one in there!  Never mind that the lollipop was almost 2 years old, (from Disneyland in April 2009!). I was going to use it, (because once an idea is in my head, I want to do it asap!), and anyway, the girls wouldn’t notice! Besides, I wouldn’t actually let them bite it, just pics of licks!  😉

I had a little fun editing these because James isn’t home tonight and I have some time on my hands while I’m waiting for the Oscars so I can watch it without commercials!


my fav pic of rilyn
I love color
and flowers in hair
and color coordinating dresses to match lollipops
and color coordinating earrings too!
Having girls is sweet,
almost as sweet
as a giant lollipop!

celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with the Bible!

The Valentine countdown had me thinking of how I could incorporate the Bible into the next holiday, (or some would say “just a day to wear green”), Saint Patrick’s Day.  Our kids will be seeing leprechauns, rainbows, and pots of gold all around stores, school, etc., so I say, might as well celebrate it!  I came up with the idea of finding 17 Bible verses that have to do with “gold.”  My plan is to make a giant rainbow on the wall (probably with the Super Wikki Stix the girls got for Christmas), and then print each Bible verse below on a circle of gold paper (to look like a gold coin).  Starting March 1st, the girls will take turns each day til March 17th finding one “gold coin Bible verse” in the house, (I plan to have a gold wrapped chocolate candy attached to each verse that they get to eat when they find it!)  When they find it, we will discuss the verse, and then tape it at “the end of the rainbow”!  Who knows, we may even have a leprechaun or two watching!  They need Jesus too!  😉

example of one of our gold coins

Bible verses: (fyi Psalm 45:13-15 and 1 Tim. 2:9-10 are “girl verses”)

Exodus 20:23 You shall not make gods of silver to be with me, nor shall you make for yourselves gods of gold.

Job 23:10 But he knows the way that I take; when he has tried me, I shall come out as gold.

Job 31:24, 28 If I have made gold my trust or called fine gold my confidence, 28 this also would be an iniquity to be punished by the judges, for I would have been false to God above.

Psalm 19:9-10  the rules of the LORD are true, and righteous altogether.  [10] More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold;

Psalm 45:13-15  All glorious is the princess in her chamber, with robes interwoven with gold.  14 In many-colored robes she is led to the king,
with her virgin companions following behind her.  15With joy and gladness they are led along as they enter the palace of the king.

Psalm 105:37   Then he brought out Israel with silver and gold, and there was none among his tribes who stumbled.  (see Exodus 12:31-42)

Psalm 119:72  The law of your mouth is better to me than thousands of gold and silver pieces.

Psalm 119:127  Therefore I love your commandments above gold, above fine gold.

Proverbs 3:14  For wisdom is more profitable than silver, and her wages are better than gold.

Proverbs 8:19 My gifts are better than gold, even the purest gold, my wages better than sterling silver!

Proverbs 16:16  How much better to get wisdom than gold!

Proverbs 22:1  Choose a good reputation over great riches; being held in high esteem is better than silver or gold.

Haggai 2:8  The silver is mine, and the gold is mine, declares the LORD of hosts.

Matthew 2:11  And going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him. Then, opening their treasures, they offered him gifts, gold and frankincense and myrrh.

1 Tim. 2:9-10  likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, [10] but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works.

1 Peter 1:7 so that the tested genuineness of your faith—more precious than gold that perishes though it is tested by fire—may be found to result in praise and glory and honor at the revelation of Jesus Christ.

Revelation 21:18 The wall was built of jasper, while the city was pure gold, clear as glass. (speaking of heaven)
Here is a picture of my rainbow and pot of gold I made using Wiki Stix.  And the gold coins that we taped up every day from March 1st-17th.

wearing their green!

no greater joy

On Sunday afternoon, I caught Rilyn doing this on our porch.

I zoomed in on her, I was really far away and she had no

idea I was taking a picture of her.

Do you know what she is doing?

I took this picture behind the window glass/screen in our

house!  I’m so sneaky!

Rilyn wanted to enjoy the beautiful afternoon by taking her Bible outside to study it. She told me later she was highlighting verses that daddy taught her on the way to school this year and she was writing out some verses on paper for her classmates.

3 John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”


hugging lessons

Asher’s cousin, Caden, came over this morning to play!  We do not get to see him enough, and when they are together, I am reminded of the blessing of family.  I grew up with my cousins, and I have such fond memories with them.  Caden is almost 19 months and Asher will be 3 in April.  Asher may be a head taller than Caden, but they weigh the same!  🙂
First try at a hug:

Caden not feeling the love

Second try at a hug (um, this is awkward):

We don’t condone this behavior.

Third try’s a charm!


More cute pictures from their playdate:
Mowing our dead lawn

future family business?

“It’s for you cuz”

They really had a swingin’ good time! (pardon the cheesiness)

Thanks grandma for the matching t-shirts!

how to share the gospel like my 6 year old

After the sermon today, and Rilyn’s story this week that I’m about to tell, I am more than aware that I lost the joy of evangelizing and it is a burden for me.  I don’t have ‘the gift of evangelizing’ I tell myself.  Let others who are “people persons” start up Gospel-centered conversations.

Rilyn came home this week and told us she is teaching her 2 classmates at her table in school Romans 8:1  “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”  Wow.  James had taught Rilyn that verse on the way to school the week before and now she was sharing it with her friends!  I had to know more.  She said, “I teach them a little each day, and if they say it right by Friday they get a prize.  It’s a little hard because of the big ‘c’ word.”  I told her “condemnation” is a hard word for most first graders to say/understand.  🙂  Then this weekend she told me that she needs to bring 2 pieces of candy to school to give to them on Monday because they memorized the verse on Friday!  She goes on to tell me how the girl at her table doesn’t even go to church and doesn’t even know the story of Goliath.  “Can you believe that mom?” she said,  “And she wants to read Bible stories at bedtime like me, but she doesn’t have a Bible.  Can I give her one, with a highlighter, so she can highlight the verse she memorized?  But she needs to have pictures in the Bible because she can’t read all the big words.”  Such joy to share the gospel at such a young age.  Truly convicting.

Then the sermon today was about evangelizing.  I really liked the illustration he gave of how when a girl gets proposed to by her boyfriend, what is the first thing she does?  She calls her family, her friends, she shows people her new ring…she shares her joy!  When I know such good news, (the Gospel), about my Savior, who I adore, what am I to do?  What should be the overflow of my heart?  Share with joy my friends!

This girl knows it.  Share the gospel with joy.


the wheels are off!

Ella did it.  She learned (and I use that term loosely because she is still not 100% confident) how to ride a two wheel bike without training wheels before Rilyn.  Does this surprise me?  No.  Ella has always been inclined to be more active and physically aggressive.  Rilyn got a Hello Kitty Razor scooter for Christmas and is perfectly content riding that around the neighborhood.  She has no interest in learning how to ride a bike, but I have a feeling the time will come sooner rather than later.  James doesn’t work on Fridays this semester, (because he works on Sundays), and so he took the afternoon to teach Ella how to ride without the training wheels.  She did a great job for her first time and I’m pretty sure she will be riding without care by next month.

freaked out face from daddy letting go
I just love the faces she makes!
go girl!
feeling more confident

Here is a short video James put together for me of her riding.


Jimmy Neutron sings Jesus Loves Me

At preschool, Asher’s teachers have a nickname for him:  Jimmy Neutron.

I went online to look up this Jimmy Neutron, and I have to say, (after I edited his eyes to brown,) they were pretty right on!

after his bath I spiked up his hair (yes, he needs a haircut!)

Also, I couldn’t resist posting this adorable video of Asher singing “Jesus Loves Me” and our “Go to Sleep” song. I sing to him almost every night before bed. One night, while driving home, I heard him singing the songs to Rilyn who was falling asleep in the car. He really knew all the words and it was just precious to hear. So, two nights ago I got out the video camera before bed and asked him to sing both of his bedtime songs to capture the sweet voice of his.


February flyin’

What 5 year old doesn’t like to jump off the swing in mid-air?!?

Ella flying high off our swing set!
I like how she resembles the swing in free form fall
I call this picture “oh crap, I’m going to land bad!”  😉
super girl!

Celebrate the love

Valentine’s Day was celebrated here in grandious style!  James and I went out on Friday night to the Cheesecake Factory, (I am a simple girl with simple tastebuds, and I like to go to restaurants where I know that I will LOVE the menu, especially the dessert menu!)  I got 2 bouquets of flowers, chocolate dipped strawberries, brownies, and cookies from Tiff’s Treats (which are my favorite), and a boatload of scrapbooking stuff from my momma!  James took the girls out to IHOP last night for a sweetheart dinner (or rather breakfast!)

Here is Rilyn at her school Valentine party.  She is at the age where she gets excited about every Valentine.  It’s cute to watch!

Ella loves to come to Rilyn’s school parties!

We went to my mom’s on Sunday afternoon for a Valentine dinner. She always outdoes herself for any holiday, and this year was no exception! My kids are very blessed indeed!

Valentine gifts from grandma (cousin Caden far left)
Valentine treats galore!

poor Asher

Asher asks, “Will YOU be my Valentine PLEASE?!?”

Asher resorting to use the “pick off petals from a flower to tell you the answer” trick

How is a brotha’ supposed to choose between these two?!? 😉

My photography business!

February 2011