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a Valentine from Christ

Way back in college, I had (and still do have!) a best friend, Jen. She always was so encouraging, especially in the way she wrote notes to me. One of the things that I have kept (since 2001) is a Valentines Day card that she made for me “from Christ”. I just found it tonight and thought it was beautiful, and I should post it. When my girls get a little older, I will give them this Valentine from Christ each year to remind them how loved they are by Him!

Know that you are loved.
Know that I love you.
And before you formed inside the womb
Is when I said “I do.”

Your face is beauty to me,
Your voice a sweet melody to my ears.
You are my dove, my rose, my lily, my garden,
And shall stay my beauty beyond the years.

I love to hear you speak of me-
I love to hear you say my name.
It tells me you love me in return and you know this love
Is more than just a game.

I love it when you listen-
When you let me speak.
Don’t worry when you don’t know what to say,
I know exactly what you think.

There is nothing you must prove to me-
Nothing you should try and hide,
For I’ve seen your faults and weaknesses
And I choose to stay by your side.

I know it’s hard “without” me-
No arms can hold you like I can.
Please know I always think of you
And this time apart fits right into my plan.

I’ve never been one for long engagements-
That’s why I’ve made your days so few.
And I pray in these days apart, your heart,
Like mine, grows fonder, too.

So while we wait on perfect timing be patient
In my love-trust and abide.
So soon…Face to face…Beautiful…in GLORY…
I am coming soon, my pure and holy bride.

I love you.
Your Bridegroom,

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February 2011