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asher’s first dentist visit

Oh Asher…God’s daily reminder to me that I need Him every hour of every day!  😉  If you haven’t caught on before, Asher is our most difficult child by FAR.  Today was his first dentist appointment, and I knew it would be rough because of a previous doctor visit this year.  He had a strep culture taken at that particular doctor visit, and they gagged him to get it. Ever since then, he puts up quite a “protest” to anybody trying to touch his mouth area (as the kind lady dentist described it).  Here he is about to start.  (They put sunglasses on the kids so the bright light over their head doesn’t bother their eyes.)  He is definitely nervous, sucking his fingers and has his blankie under his “bib”.

first dentist appt.!

Now here is where I wish I could just take pictures of the whole event because believe me, it was a “protest” and quite a sight! But no, I had to straddle my son and hold down his arms while the dentist, (not the hygienist, she couldn’t handle him!), had to put a “tooth pillow” a.k.a a mouth clamp in one side of Asher’s mouth so she could clean. But before she did that, he screamed, thrashed, kicked me in the gut several times, and bit the dentist’s fingers (hence the “tooth pillow!”) all the while spitting, choking on his spit, gagging, and blowing snot out.
It was very humbling. This is my son. Let me say a prayer for his salvation. (James tells me anytime I get frustrated with Asher, instead of giving in to anger, pray for his salvation.) He should be a Christian any day now! 😉
Here is Asher after being allowed to get out of the chair and running away from the dentist!

get away from me!!!!!

The dentist was so sweet, patient, and calm. I told her that her day could only get better from here on out (probably her week)! She even let Asher pick out a treat after his good behavior. He picked a bouncy ball, (and tried to get two!) 😛  Look how sweaty and wet his eyelashes look from all the crying!

After an hour of “the dental protest of 2011”, he was worn out (so was I!). There was one silver lining-he became a member of the “No Cavity Club”!

this is Asher, and he is worn out

I told Asher as we were waiting for his sisters, “Don’t worry, we won’t be back until after Christmas!” He was not too thrilled!

We have to come BACK?!?

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