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the power to read!

One of Asher’s favorite cartoons on PBS is Super Why!  So naturally he picked to be Wyatt for Halloween this year!  I had a little fun editing these pictures!

taking off!

Coming in for a landing!

with the power to read!


Every year around this time I wonder the same thing.  Will this be the year no one cries when we carve pumpkins?
Nope, not this year.
As long as we force our son to touch the pulp, there will be tears!  Now I know we could not force our son, but what would the fun be in that?  🙂

(We were at my parents Octaranch in College Station because James, Rilyn, and I went to the depressing Aggie game against Missouri earlier that day.)

Once again, we did the pumpkin gospel story to show the kids how when we trust in God, He takes out our yucky sin (pulp) and makes us a new creation (or rather in this case a new “face”).  See this previous post for the Bible verses and what to say.

I would be as concerned as Ella if I saw my daddy cutting off his thumb with a knife!

don’t worry folks, James still has one good thumb left!  😉

You can see Asher’s concern right from the beginning and Rilyn’s joy as daddy cuts open her pumpkin. Rilyn has never had a problem digging in and grabbing out the pulp with her bare hands!

Ella’s turn. Again, Asher wringing his hands in concern.

This look is more for show. Look at me make gross noises and faces while I’m digging out the slime everybody! 😉


It’s Asher’s turn.

The pulp is coming to get you!!!

those seeds are scary!!

Ella does not like to touch pulp. Here she is showing off her one seed she got with the spoon.

Hiding behind daddy.

Asher did love carving the pumpkin, probably because it didn’t involve pulp!

Rilyn’s first pumpkin carving!


Ella’s first!


flashback Friday-Halloween at my house

We always “did it up” for Halloween every year.  Especially when I got into jr. high and wasn’t going trick or treating anymore.  I claimed it my duty to decorate the front of the house and pass out candy.

Remember on Monday I said I wasn’t afraid of gruesome?  Well, check out the balcony of our house.  Yep, I taped half a plastic knife to an old doll and taped red paper around it as blood.  Nice.  If I was a mom in my neighborhood, I wouldn’t go up to my house!  Geesh!

And I still “dressed up”. You can see me with one of my friends here (and my little sis!), passing out candy. Painted face, glow in the dark bat boxers (yes I wore men’s boxers that day), pumpkin antenna, pumpkin socks…

I wish I could see the faces of those kids!

how not to buy candy on Halloween

Yes, we eat too much fast food in our house.

I’m probably trying to make excuses for why I have SO MANY kids meal toys accumulated over a year, but it’s true that every time we get fast food, I order 4 kids meals, (I get one too), and that equals 4 small toys that I don’t want in my house.  When I look at the two bags below (the girls separated them into boy and girl toys), I shudder to think all of that could of been littering my house right now.  But instead, right after Halloween last year, I started collecting the kids meal toys.  My kids first whined about it, but then they realized how fun it will be to pass out toys this Halloween!  They will be like little elves!  😉

So Happy Halloween local trick or treaters!  You get a kids meal toy from our house!  I know it will not be the parent’s most favorite thing to see in their kid’s bag, but at least it won’t rot their teeth!  😉  (And hopefully it will discourage grown kids from trying to trick or treat at my house!)  No candy here…


another use for pipe cleaners!

I have to give a shout out to James who did such a great job doing the girls’ hair for “Crazy Hair and Totally ’80s Day” at school yesterday!  What a good daddy!  (I have Bible study on Tuesday mornings at 6 a.m. so I couldn’t be there to “stylize”, but I did give him a quick tutorial on what I wanted the night before!) Yay for pipe cleaners!


new photo shoot

Who knew that 13 years after meeting James’ suite mate in Dunn Hall at Texas A&M, I would be photographing his three kiddos who live down the street from me?!?  God is BIG.  His plans are crazy AWESOME.  Click here to see the rest!


first gruesome Halloween party!

Leave it to my parents to introduce my kids to their first gruesome Halloween party!  😉  I think because my dad is a doctor, blood and guts are not that scary, but rather a reality.  😉  And you will see on my flashback Friday this week, that I didn’t mind the gore either growing up!  Anyway, after Rilyn’s cheer competition on Saturday, my parents drove my kids back to Temple to take them to another doctor’s Halloween party that was “for the kids”.  (Mom, I’m fine with what they saw, I just think it was funny that this party was marketed for young kids!)

Harmless enough…a “haunted house”

I can hear my mom now, “stand in front of the gruesome corpse kids!” Asher isn’t so sure…

In this graveyard, it looks like all my kids are ready to get outta there!

And Asher is running from the spooky house! Hehe, this picture of him cracks me up!


Now for some family fun! My dad drove the “train” around the property full of kids. Not sure why Asher is sitting with some random girl and not Ella. Rilyn is in the front with grandpa.

Ella was the one who broke the spider pinata (chopped off his head!) therefore we now have a broken spider pinata in our house as a “trophy”. 🙂 I think she is posing with the party host.

The kids had a lot of fun with a hayride and play equipment too. The week before Halloween is always one big party around here! Lots of sweets and fun! Stay tuned!

*Some pictures were left out to keep this post PG.   (Seriously, there was a grim reaper with a rifle pointed at the kids!!)?!?!?!


Rilyn’s cheer competition!

Yesterday was Rilyn’s cheer competition!  This is like their “recital”.  Her age group is not judged competitively, but they still give them “scores” so they know what to work on.  Rilyn got to be part of the stunts this year, and if you ask her, that is her favorite part of the routine!

getting ready to start!

Rilyn is in the center of the picture

Go Falcons!
Rilyn on the top of the pyramid
Rilyn is on the top right of the pyramid
her team after their routine
flowers from daddy and hugs from grandma and grandpa!

Happy Saturday!

I was in charge of the “photo booth” at the Manor Elementary “Carnival” last night!  It’s funny how some people really love photo booths with silly props and then others…well, they were forced to put something on by their parents.  Happy Saturday everyone!


new photo shoot!

If you want to see one of the cutest outfits to wear at the pumpkin patch, click here to see the rest of this darling’s photos!

My photography business!

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