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flashback Friday-best legs

In honor of James’ birthday weekend, I am choosing to poke a little fun at him!

James was voted “Best Legs” in his senior yearbook in 1997!  All those years of soccer really paid off!

Yes, he has a heart next to his eye, probably from some silly girl.

explode! ignite! the falcons are dynamite!

Another game day for Rilyn on Saturday! She won the spirit stick yesterday for being the cheerleader with the most spirit! She was pretty excited!

You think she has spirit? 😉

I was on the sidelines again snapping action shots! Here is my favorite one from yesterday (#5)!


back to school dance!

I volunteered at Rilyn’s back to school dance on Thursday afternoon and it was INSANE!  Two hundred and sixty 7-11 year old kids crammed into the cafeteria for 3 hours with a DJ pumping tunes on full blast!  The snack bar was crazy too!  There were literally like 15 kids at once, and at all times, handing us bills and buying soda/candy/nachos/glow bracelets, etc.  I think we had 6 moms back there helping and we still were working non-stop!  I slipped away from the snack bar at one point to take some pictures, but even my camera could not take good pictures of a dimly lit cafeteria with movement everywhere.  My next purchase will be an external flash that should help in situations like that.

Here is the crowd!  (The PTO should be making a pretty penny off of this dance!)

Here is Rilyn, who was definitely enjoying herself!

Here is Ella in one of the many random conga lines that slithered through the cafeteria!

And here is Rilyn’s teacher pumping his fists in the air! He was a dancing machine(sweaty too)! The kids loved it! I was surprised how many teachers let loose on the dance floor!

What made me laugh was when a hip-hop song would come on. It felt like the whole cafeteria knew the song and dance except for my girls! 😉


potty trained and pictures!

Quick update on our BUSY life!  Fall schedule is officially here and I’m trying to keep my head afloat with all of the swirling activities!  On top of that I am taking the Manor Falcon football/cheer team/individual pictures.  That’s about 80 individuals, so I have my hands full right now!  Here is a look at my side of the photos (I will be uploading my pictures to a printing company that will put it in football team templates.)

One SUPER BLESSING during this crazy season, is that Asher is potty-trained FINALLY! He is one month shy of 3 1/2 and my girls were trained at 3. So this last 6 months felt like eternity trying to get this boy trained!! It took naked days, constipation, and enemas, to get him to relent and actually poop in the potty. Bribing him with rewards didn’t do a thing for him.  Good thing compassion is not my strong suit in the battle, because if so, I truly believe Asher wouldn’t be trained until kindergarten! Stubborn doesn’t begin to describe his personality!
Here he is on the potty. I love that the frame behind him is when he was a toddler destroying our bathroom with shreds of toilet paper! 😉  Not much has changed, except he destroys with blocks and cars all over the house!

I did it!

a heart for missions

James, me, and our girls are going next summer to the Dominican Republic to serve together on a church mission trip, (along with two other families in our neighborhood.)  We are so excited to introduce them to “the nations” and begin to expose their selfish hearts by visiting a country that looks much different than our little surburbia bubble (I say this to myself too, I have no doubt God will expose my selfish heart also.)  Meanwhile, our missional community group  has been brainstorming ideas how to teach our kids a love for the nations so they have a heart for missions.  We talked with the pastor who puts together these mission trips to the DR and he suggested that we buy a world map shower curtain and put pictures up of our missionary friends in the country where they live, etc.   This is where I bought ours!

We put the shower curtain up on our wall in the playroom.  We added a picture of our girl that we sponser from Compassion who lives in the DR. We hope to meet her next summer!  We also added our friends who live and serve in Ethopia.  We will add more families as the weeks go on.

Rilyn pointing to Texas

Every morning, during our 5 minute Bible reading time before carpool for school, we read a verse(s) from Proverbs that corresponds to the date (we read verses in Proverbs 16 on September 16th).  After that, we have added praying for the “top 25 countries that have the lowest Christian population” So on the 16th, we pray for Thailand because it has the 16th lowest population of Christians at 1.10%.  We will then show them Thailand on the map.

We want to start now and parent and pray for them to have a heart for the nations and missions!


more cheer!

Some of my favorite shots from Rilyn’s cheering last Saturday!

They have to “introduce” themselves to the stands and so when their name is called, they do a little jump and rah rah! Here is Rilyn’s jump:

Rilyn on the far left yelling her heart out!

One of Rilyn’s coaches is a former UT Longhorn cheerleader. She is in charge of coordinating the “stunts” and the cheer routine for competition in October. For some reason, unknown to me, she put Rilyn on top of the pyramid. Rilyn is a skinny girl, but she is on the taller side, and there are girls smaller…(The girl who is “holding” Rilyn-her face says it all…)

Rilyn can not wait to cheer each weekend!

And, just for fun, here is a picture from the last game. I also take action shots for the boy, #13, who is grabbing onto the quarterback’s leg and pulled him down!


Ella’s first Aggie game!

When our kid’s are five years old, they are allowed to go to their first Aggie game.  Ella went last Sunday evening with James, my dad, and my brother for her first game (v. SMU)!  James said that Ella screamed and swung her 12th man towel the whole time!  She really got into the 12th man spirit!

Here is Ella watching the Corps of Cadet march into Kyle Field before the game.


On their way up to their seats they get a good view of Aggieland!

love all the maroon!
swinging that towel!
watching the Aggie band at half-time

Yelling while we are on defense!


After the game, (which we won 46-14) you are allowed to go on the field!  Here is Ella with grandpa and uncle Jeff.

on the 50 yard line!

And I couldn’t end this post without a sweet picture of Asher that I took at home. He didn’t get to watch the game on TV because it was a night game, but he had his game face on before the game!


first day of PreK!

Today I went grocery shopping by myself!  🙂

But I guess the more important milestone was that Asher had his first day of preschool!  😉 He was soooo excited to start this year (last year he cried the entire first day!)

yes, he was supposed to get a hair cut this weekend but it never happened.  oops

Four boys, all the same age, all from the neighborhood, are all going to the same preschool (3 out of 4 in the same class!), so we HAD to buy them all matching t-shirts! This is their superhero poses in the donut store parking lot!

Gavin, Caden, Asher, and Kian ready to start the day!!!

Asher and Caden with their teacher.

Asher fell asleep on the car ride home, which he NEVER does, so it must of been a busy day!

my first senior portraits!

Click here to see them!  Sneak peek:


Rilyn’s first game to cheer!

We have officially started cheer again this season!  Rilyn was especially excited to see that they added pink to the Falcon cheer outfits this year!  Here are a couple pictures of her on game day yesterday.  The Manor Falcons (Pop Warner) played the Westlake Chaps and we beat them 6-0!  She is cheering for tackle football now, (instead of flag), so it is pretty fun to watch!  (And I have a couple contracts to take action shots for moms on the football team, so I’m “working” on the sidelines during the whole game!)

early morning shot-her new uniform!
her team

Here is one of my favorite action shots of the game. (I am taking shots for #5, who incidentally is the best player on the team, and scored the only touchdown, so he’s fun to photograph!)

go Falcons!

My photography business!

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