a new year and no naps

Happy New Years!  It’s going to be another year of big changes for me.

2011 was the last year of diapers in 7 straight years of buying them.  Praise God!  I’m still basking in that joy…freedom from diaper bags is bliss!

2012 is the year that naps are gone.  I have had to build “naptime” in my schedule for the last 7 1/2 years and it’s now time for Asher to stop napping.  This is good and bad of course.  Now I’m challenged on how to find “me time” if there is even such allowance anymore.  The positive side is we don’t have to stop whatever we are doing during the day to drive home for his nap.

New Years Resolutions-I am not fond of them.  I’m pretty sure I’ve never made any.  I like things I can check off my list in a timely manner.  Something that could take a year to accomplish is frustrating for me.  I did hear something on the radio this past week though that I liked instead of making resolutions.

Choose a word and use it as a filter for everything you go through in 2012.

So my word for 2012 is HOPEFUL.

I am a realist, (some would call me a pessimist), at heart.  I pretty much always look at things as “it probably won’t happen like I want it to”.  I’m an achiever, not a dreamer.  I don’t take the time to enjoy things, I take pleasure in getting the things done.  I like to check off that I read the Bible/prayed, not to find joy in spending time/listening to my Lord.  This year though, I want to look at things and my relationships with others and most importantly, Jesus, with HOPE.

Hopeful that we will raise enough money to go to the Dominican Republic with Rilyn and Ella in July.

Hopeful that my son will learn to obey his parents.

Hopeful that my son will sit still long enough for a Bible story.

Hopeful that my middle child will come to know Jesus as her Savior this year.

Hopeful that I will be a more respectful wife.

Hopeful that my photography skills will improve.

Hopeful that I will spend more time playing with my children.

Hopeful that I will see the Bible Study I’m in for the spring not as a burden, (as in LOTS of homework), but as a blessing (as in LOTS of time getting to know my Father through His Word).

Hopeful that my oldest daughter will find a best friend who loves Jesus.

Hopeful for health for my family and extended family.

Hopeful that I will go to the gym 3 days a week and eat healthier…hey, I’m already starting to become a dreamer!  Look at that!  😉

Hopeful that all things in 2012 are happening not to me, but for me, and for His Glory.

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