musings from a 7 year old

Rilyn has a writing prompt each morning at school and every Tuesday afternoon she brings home all her writings from the week.  I always enjoy reading her musings, and thought I would compile some of my favorites into one post and keep record!  It brings much joy to my heart to read that she tries to include her faith whenever possible!  I know her teacher knows that this girl loves Jesus!  🙂

Writing prompt:  What rules do you have to follow at your house?  “I have to do the laundry and the dishes.  Boring!  I also have to do my homework right away.  We can not murder.  I can not be guilty of adultery.  I can not steal.”  (This one cracks me up!  She knows her Ten Commandments, doesn’t she?  I wonder what her teacher was thinking when he read this?!)

Writing prompt:  What do you like about your style?  “I like my style because I think I look cool.  I have a lot of make-up at home.  But there’s something else more important, my belief in God.  Now that’s important.”

Writing prompt:  What do you like best about your appearance?  “I like my appearance.  I think I look good.  But God cares about the inside of your heart.”

A Christmas Poem by Rilyn

“Under this tree are presents you know

But the real Christmas is real without a doubt

It’s about a little boy you see that came down from heaven

He’s the King of Kings

See the star up top?

That represents Jesus.

There’s a clue.”

Love this girl’s heart for Jesus!

And just because it’s cute to remember:

I was checking her spelling homework and one of her words was “recall”. The sentence she wrote was “We called him and he didn’t answer, so we recalled him.”  🙂

She had to write a sentence for “focus”, her sentence was, “I focus on my testes.” That extra “e” can really change things, dear…

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  1. 1 jvanvleet
    January 20, 2012 at 9:28 am

    precious! precious!!

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