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what to give someone who has everything

My mom’s 60th birthday was this past week.  She will tell you that she has everything she ever wanted, and that she doesn’t want anything from me (well, except to keep sending her pictures of the grandkids!).  Every year, it’s very hard to find something meaningful to get her!  Since it was her 60th, I wanted to do something extra special for her!

mom with her grandbabies!

One present from me and my sister was this:

I saw this on Pinterest first, and there is a website to go and print it from home (for $9)! These numbers represent my parents’ birthdays, their anniversary (in white), and then their kids’ birthdays. I saw one like this also that said on the top “What a difference a day makes” 🙂

my mom hugging on the girls
my mom hugging on Asher

I bought my mom some sparkler candles that were really fun to watch!  I also made her a word cloud from here.  To make it, I asked many of her friends/family to e-mail me 3 adjectives that describe my mom!

Word cloud on the left

The final gift was “60 memories of Norine”. Two months prior, I mailed out/facebooked/e-mailed as many of her friends/family as possible to send one memory of my mom-the more nostalgic the better! I bought her a trunk, and put all the cards in it that I had received! Rilyn and Ella made a scavenger hunt around her house, and she loved finding the trunk and reading all of the memories!

what’s inside?

Many memories made her cry!

I love you mom!

My photography business!

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