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Strutting it!

Rilyn had her 8th birthday party on Saturday!  It was her idea to have a fashion show theme, and it was up to me and James to make it happen!  The night before, all our thoughts came together, and we dug out the Christmas lights, blacked out the windows, used some old tulle, and opened the party decorations I had bought.  James did an AMAZING job of putting up all the lights.  He also made a fun playlist of fashion show songs for each girl to walk down the runway to!  I’m so blessed to have him super involved in my OCD party planning!

Rilyn said it was the best birthday party ever, so we think we accomplished our “runway” look!

we had one happy model!
strutting her stuff in mommy’s heels!

Speaking of heels, my sister, a self-confessed shoeaholic, loaned us MANY of her high heels for this party! As I was going through the bag of heels, I was shocked to see she let Rilyn use her Christian Louboutin heels! I asked her if that was a mistake, and she told me that my girls could HAVE them (they were too small for her)! So now my girls have some pretty sweet shoes to wear when prom comes one day! Rilyn doesn’t even know about brands yet, (which I love!), but I know one day she will appreciate this picture!

She told me she couldn’t wear these at her party because the red at the bottom

didn’t match her outfit!

My dear friend made Rilyn’s beautiful cake!

a nail poilsh, purse, and high heel on top of the cake!

At the beginning of the party, while her friends were arriving, the girls decorated flip flops with strips of fun fabric!

tying knots of fabric around the flip flops

After the flip flops, we headed outside for pinata time!

cute flip flops Rilyn!  (gotta have a high heel pinata!)
Happy Birthday to you!
eating the yummy cake

Present time! My best friend Jen knows Rilyn all too well, and gave her a special gift! 🙂


Lots more of Rilyn’s birthday traditions/festivities to come this week!

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