back to school 2012!

It’s a big day for mommy!  Back to school!!!!  This year will be different in that Asher is going to preschool everyday half day and at the same school as the girls.  He goes in the afternoon, so that means everyday, from 11-3 I have kid-free.  Wow!!!  I haven’t wrapped my head around this new freedom yet since today was day 1, and I, of course, was busy editing back to school pictures!  🙂   Who knows what I’ll do tomorrow afternoon!
My kids, so excited about the first day, were up and dressed at 5:45 this morning! I mistakenly started doing pictures too early, and so some of these pictures are before the sun was up, which I’m not a fan of. Oh well, it’s realistic I guess. Back to getting up soooo early! 😦

I had a little fun in photoshop!  Ella is holding a picture of her first day of prek 2009
Rilyn is holding a picture of her first day of kindergarten

My third grader!

I have them write their own name on one side of the chalk speech bubble so I can remember their signature each year!

Here is Ella and her best friend, Anna. Matching “first day of school outfits” since 2008!

our new “gymnasts!”

Ella and her first grade teacher!

she was Rilyn’s teacher too, so you know I love her!

Rilyn actually has three teachers: reading, math, and science. This is her homeroom/math teacher!

He’s an Aggie!!!!!!!! (this is very important to Rilyn!)

Asher’s turn!

his third and final year of preK…

Asher, and his best friend, Caden. These two will rule the school in no time! (back to school matching shirts since 2010)

we’re tough!
we’re strong!

The first thing the afternoon preschoolers do is march to the cafeteria where they eat lunch with all the big kids. It was so cute to watch them!

Asher discovering his pb&j!

Having two older sisters means getting to ride the school bus home with them! He’s been watching this bus drop off his sisters for his whole life…finally HE is on it!!

my kids getting off

Acting like he is all cool getting off the bus for the first time.

I’m a bus rider pro

I wanted to have a special snack for the kids when they got home, so I baked homemade chocolate chip cookies and cut them in the shape of their new grade level! It was a hit!

3rd grade!

Ella did complain that because she had a “1”, she got the least amount of cookie. We had to have a talk about being thankful!

“Next year mommy, I will have a BIG “2” cookie!!”

Asher got a “P” for preschool!


The kids all had GREAT days of school with no complaints! Thank you Lord!

1 Response to “back to school 2012!”

  1. 1 Kristy
    September 8, 2012 at 4:59 pm

    What cleaver ideas you came up with! I bet they’ve been sleeping so great since school started- and I hoped it has cooled down for Texas:) Are you enjoying your free time? Send me an email and catch me up with everything when you get a chance! Love you!

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