Ella turns 7!

Our Ella Bella turned 7 years old on Saturday!  She is street smart and book smart, funny, cries WAY too easily, but also LOVES others easily (which I know I need to work on!)  We believe her love language is touch, and she could cuddle all day long if we let her. She enjoys chaos, and has to frequently be separated from her brother because she makes him wild! (Her and Rilyn are very different in this aspect…Rilyn tries her best to calm down her crazy brother!) 🙂  Her favorites right now are stuffed animals, Barbies, math, reading Junie B. Jones First Grader books, riding her scooter, and making crafts with all sorts of scraps.
Ella’s party day actually fell on her real birthday this year for the first time so it was a busy day!
She woke up to her traditional birthday morning donut!

birthday hugs

Then she got to run through the kitchen to open presents and read cards from her family!

James’ card was very sweet. Ella declared last month that she is now collecting snow globes, and got one as a souvenir every place we went in California. So James made a snow globe for her as a card!

Her reading daddy’s card
Ella reading Asher’s card

After the morning festivities, she changed into her new leotard that she got for Christmas for her GYMNASTICS themed birthday party later that evening. Of course I did a mini fun photo shoot of her!


Fun on the trampoline!

happy to be seven!
Rilyn got in on the fun too!

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