Family and footsies!

After my parents house, we headed to DFW to visit James’ family!  James and I actually got to go to Winstar in Oklahoma first with his family, and see Jim Gaffigan perform, which was awesome!  I highly recommend his comedy show, as he is hilarious, and clean!  I think I got sick from Winstar though, because it was so crowded, smoky, and with all the flu stuff going around…the next morning, I started feeling not so great!  😦  But I had plans to surprise my girls with their first trip to the American Girl store in Dallas with my sister that morning so I put on a happy face!  It was an early birthday treat for Ella!

This was Ella’s face when she saw the store for the first time!

I had made reservations for the bistro! They even seat and serve your dolls!

Happy early birthday Ella Bella!

After the store, we celebrated Christmas with the Paquettes!

Christmas dinner!

The kids love them some aunt Mandy!

Disneyland Kinect game for our new Xbox! We love Disneyland!

James’ parents got us season passes to Schlitterbahn! Woo-hoo!!

James is photobombing in grand style as we are about to open a “ladies gift” 🙂

My mother in law got all the ladies footsie pjs! How funny is that?

The next day we played the “stocking game” in which I won $20 from a lotto ticket in my stocking! Woo-hoo! The kids always enjoy being “elves” during the stocking game!

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