this kid!

Thought I would do a little post on my baby, because well, he isn’t one anymore!  He is definitely growing up, (you know you’ve got a big kid when they can shower by themselves now!  Woo-hoo!), and is getting particular on what he does and doesn’t like!  First off, Asher will tell you he is an artist.  His favorite thing to draw these days is rainbows and hearts, which I’m sure will change, but it’s hilarious how every drawing has a rainbow and heart in it!  I’ll admit, he has some skills!  Check out this finger painting he did last week while I was cooking dinner!

Here is an example of the rainbow and heart drawings he always draws!

Asher is a sweet little brother to his sisters, in particular Ella. Look at him playing “spa” with Ella and massaging her feet in her new Orbeez foot spa she got for her birthday!

Asher is very stubborn, and he doesn’t want to fail. When we took him rockwall climbing at Main Event, he wouldn’t go all the way to the top, because he wasn’t 100% confident he could do it.  He didn’t want to try and fail so, on his terms, he declared, “I’m not going to the top!  I don’t want to!”

He will be six in April, and is reading and writing in kindergarten. He will be playing soccer in the spring for the third year, which we are so excited for! He is getting really good at memorizing Scripture, and he calls heaven “the good world”.  He always asks questions about going to “the good world” and what will be there.  🙂  He is very curious and also lots of energy!  He loves roller coasters and all things fast.  He is particular to Beyblades and Legos right now and jumping on the trampoline.  We love our busta’ man!

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