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Arts and crafts!

Aunt Mandy, (James’ little sis), came to watch the kids this past week for a few days while James and I were on his annual staff retreat.  Aunt Mandy is a super talented artist and you should check out her work here!  She came full of fun crafts for the kids!

Mandy with her munchkins!

Mandy has been a vegan for a few years and so you know it’s love when she not only serves Asher hot dogs, but cuts them up like this!


They made sidewalk chalk!

They made bead bowls!

made from perler beads

They made crayon art!

They had so much fun together! Aunt Mandy time is always some of their favorite moments! And our girls have apparently inherited some of her artistic talent! Both girls were entered into the school district’s first art show! We are so proud of them!

Rilyn’s “Panda” watercolor painting
Ella’s “Prickly Pear” paper collage art (at the very top with violet background)

Ella’s birthday morning

We always start our children’s birthdays with waking them up holding a birthday donut/kolache lit up with candles and singing to them!  Ella’s birthday was on a school day so it was too early for her to wake up!

trying to wake up…!
still trying…
blowing out her six candles!

Then our kids get to bust through lots of crepe paper to get to the kitchen to eat their breakfast treat!

At breakfast, the kids get to read their birthday cards from me and James and open a couple presents. I don’t remember when, but somehow, (I just can’t imagine why?!?) James and I turned making homemade birthday cards for our kids into a competition. This year, I’m pretty sure I won. 😉  I might have spent some extra time on the crafting blogs and found a super fun idea! So, here are our cards…(mine is the super cute one…okay, they are both cute, but mine is the bigger one and bigger is always better, right?!)  We both chose Tangled cards because Ella will be having a Tangled party on Saturday!

Now here is why mine is so fun: I found this blog where it showed how to make a “scratch off card”. So easy too! I made the windows on the tower scratch-offs for Ella to use a coin and see who is in each window!

scratching, scratching, scratching…

Look who is in the tower!

“I love mommy’s card best!”  jk, she didn’t say that, but she might of been thinking it.  😉

Ella with one of her presents!

here’s to hoping I didn’t just give Ella a future of cavities!

Monday crafts!

I’m feeling crafty, aren’t I?  🙂

Today, my good friend Angela dropped off some cloth napkins that I can borrow for Thanksgiving (see how it pays to blog about your ‘needs’?)

So, I thought for about 2 seconds that I could go to the store and bring all 3 kids with me to buy fancy napkin rings OR (this is when the sane side of me kicked in), I could make my own!  I started searching on tipjunkie, (oh how I love thee), and found this!  I tweaked the idea a little to fit my needs, (used dixie cups from the kids bathroom, cut out the top part to make a napkin ring), and voila!

The girls painted the dixie cups black and I sprayed them over with chalk board paint.

The girls are on a Wikki Stix kick and have added to their artwork from Saturday. Two more cupboards were graced with some Thanksgiving creations!

This might be Squanto

My photography business!

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