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Spring Break-Disneyland!

We traveled to California for Spring Break and went to Disneyland first.  This was our kid’s 4th time to Disneyland, and I think it was one of our best visits!  It wasn’t overly crowded like at Christmas, (we went in 2012), and the weather was perfect!  We went on 24 rides from opening to closing!  We started at California Adventure, and at about 3 p.m. went to Disneyland.  Enjoy our day through pictures!

On the bus to get to the park, planning out their day!

family picture!

our first ride-Toy Story Mania!

James and Asher shooting away in the Toy Story Mania ride!

Ella and my cousin, Diane on Jumpin’ Jellyfish!

Rilyn and Asher’s favorite ride, Tower of Terror, so they say…

Rilyn in line in the Tower…

Then our good friend, who we ran into from Texas, had his GoPro, and took this video of us! I love how I am super joyful and Rilyn and Asher are so, well…NOT! LOL

Ella and my cousin on Luigi’s Flying Tires!

This was Ella’s 2nd time on Radiator Springs, but she did NOT want to go! (She hates fast rides.) Here is her “I’m not so sure” face. (We went on the single rider line (ages 7 and up) to make the wait go faster. 🙂

Here is Ella after the ride telling Diane how much she LOVED the ride! LOL

Me and the girls waiting for daddy and Asher in front of Radiator Springs. They had to wait in the LONG line (almost 2 hours)-ugh

James and Asher in the blue car coming down the lane…WINNING!

Time for Disneyland!

Thunder Mountain and It’s a Small World were closed for repair when we were there, which is so sad, because that is Rilyn and Ella’s favorite rides. 😦

Rilyn in line at the Matterhorn

Asher in line at the Matterhorn! That is such his personality!

Rilyn loving the Matterhorn!

Rilyn looking around on the Jungle Cruise (with her 2nd cousin, Makayla)

Asher and James on Tarzan’s treehouse! Can you find them?

That’s me and Ella and I’m trying to get a picture of the ghost that sits in our dune buggy on the Haunted Mansion!

We always go to Disneyland with my extended family! My family with my aunt and cousins and their kids!

Star Tours!


The kids snuck in line on the Autopia at 9:55 p.m. Asher was content to stay in the stroller at that point, but the girls were still going strong! We left the park at 10:30 p.m. (it closed at 10!)  What a day!!  We LOVE Disneyland!!


can I get your autograph??

When you get to Disneyland, the new rage is to have as many characters as possible sign your autograph book.  (yes, we left their books in a rented stroller over night but Disneyland found them and we quietly retrieved them the next morning without the girls ever knowing!)  Ella didn’t really get it, but loved it all the same because Rilyn was into all the characters signing her book.  And so began our hunt for as many characters possible…it helped that we had four character meals (paying enormously too  much for food so characters will stop by your table, chat with you kiddos, take a picture, and of course, sign your book.)  So, here is the evidence of everyone we met!  (Note:  check out Ella’s hand in all of these-she seems to have a hand ‘spot’.  Not sure if this is natural for her or she just wanted to feel ‘closer’ to them in some way.  Watch out, sometimes her hand lands on inappropriate places…(sorry Mickey and Jasmine!)

Snow White                    (Ella starts her hand thing)
Baloo and ‘the hand’
Minnie and ‘the hand’
Mickey and ‘the hand’
Jasmine and ‘the hand’
Ariel and ‘the hand’
Mulan and ‘the hand’
Cruella DeVille and ‘the hand’
Cinderella and ‘the hand’
Belle and ‘the hand’ (trying to hide but I still see it!)
Sleeping Beauty
Chip and ‘the hand’
apparently Tinker Bell knew how to control ‘the hand’
Alice and the Mad Hatter
Aladdin and ‘the hand’

and they called it puppy love…

I think Asher won’t mind when his sisters want to pop in the movie Beauty and the Beast

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From 2009-04-18 disneyland
From 2009-04-18 disneyland

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