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James skydives!

James went first skydiving in the plane and we hired a skydiver to go with him purely to video tape and take pictures of him.  So his pictures are from a different angle which I think was cool!   (My tandem pro took pictures of me with his GoPro).  James was definitely nervous, and when I landed and asked him how he was, he said he needed to sit down and didn’t know if he could drive back to our hotel.  I think he just needed a good snack though!  Bless his heart-what a trooper!

all geared up!

You can see how wide-eyed James is here! So nervous!!

Our view-can you see Mt. Hood?

Is that a spider on the picture or…

James’ tandem pro reminded me of Bart Simpson at 40!

throwing hand signs!

time to land!  This doesn’t look awkward at all!  😉

smooth like butter landing!



In my head I have a kinda bucket list.  Skydiving was on it, and my dearest husband did NOT have that on his bucket list.  But being the sweet, sweet husband that he is, he took me when we were on vacation!  We were supposed to skydive in Vancouver on day 1 (so we could get it over with for my husband’s sanity), but the weather was cloudy and rainy and they wouldn’t let us.  So, wouldn’t you know it, we skydived on the last day of vacation!  Bless his heart, he endured 6 days of waiting and dreading the SKYDIVE!  We had to get video and pictures of our once in a lifetime adventure.  Video is not ready yet, but here are the fun pictures for you to laugh at!

In the plane before we jumped!

Not my best angle, but this is what it feels like right when you scoot off the plane into free fall at 13,800 elevation about to go 120 mph!

bye bye plane!

woo hoo!

This is the picture I will look at if I’m tempted to get a face lift! Ha!

trying to keep your mouth closed is challenging!

I’m not afraid to admit that I have 6 chins when a parachute pops out above you going 120 mph!

I really wish I remembered what I was thinking during this picture! I think we were spinning in circles (which you do by pulling down on the parachute handles on one side)

Just chillaxing on the way down

He let me have a turn steering!

It was a great experience! I was surprised that I didn’t every feel my stomach drop. It was like floating with wind coming at you really fast! I never had an adrenaline rush the whole time. I was just really at peace, knowing I would be safe with my tandem pro, and I was looking forward to doing it-never nervous. I think because we watched like 20 people skydive before us made it easy for me to trust that everything was going to be safe and fun.  Stay tuned for James’ pictures!

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