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Party day!!

After Asher’s soccer game, in which he scored twice-yay!, his Oma and Papaw gave them their gift, a Radio Flyer – Flyer 500!  I think he liked it, what do you think?


You can also use it as a racing ramp for his cars. Perfect!

Finally, it was time for Asher’s party!! We had it at a local bounce house, and really you can’t go wrong with having a little boy’s party at a bounce house! Asher played his heart out with his 20 closest friends!

another wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! (lots of wheeeeeeeeees on Saturday!)

They had this slide there that was as tall as a two story house!

climbing up the two story slide is hard work!

A slide like that can cause some issues going down…

and they all came tumbling down!

I loved seeing the joy in Asher’s face during the whole party! It makes all the stress of party planning worth it!!

Asher and his cousin

A bunch of spidermans!

Kian, Asher, Caden, and Caden

There were many dog piles at the end of the slides in which they purposely did…(learning that this is “normal” boy behavior!)

Asher has lots of big boy friends too, and one who has a very tender heart, came up to Asher during the party and gave him an unsolicited hug. Love!!

This place had a block room too, which Asher enjoyed knocking the towers over (and having them fall down on him too)!
this might hurt!

We had a soccer themed party and my best friend, Jen, made these cute soccer ball cupcakes for Asher!

she used 100 calorie Oreo thins on the cupcakes
Happy Birthday to you!
note to self:  always get these for parties, they were a HIT!

The party favors were sweat bands for the boys. I realized I should of passed them out at the beginning of the party versus the end, because everyone was so sweaty from playing! 😉

When we got home Asher got to open all his presents!  The big gift for him this year was Legos!  We now have Legos in the Paquette house!!  Entering a new stage…

Thanks to all the family and friends that came to celebrate our special four year old!

grandma with Asher

My photography business!

May 2023