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Big Bear!

We started off on Saturday morning at Seal Beach.

Then we went to my 2nd cousin’s 2nd birthday party. This picture is me with my grandpa, his wife, and my uncle (my dad’s brother and father.)

That afternoon, we drove to Big Bear, which is about 2 1/2 hours away from where we were. Unfortunately, we hit traffic the whole way there, so we arrived at night. It was a little scary to drive on potential black ice, but we arrived safe at about 7 p.m. We stayed at the cabin where I grew up going to. It used to be my grandpa’s cabin, and then my cousin bought it from him, so it’s still in the family! My grandpa bought the cabin in 1972 for $12,000! 🙂
Once the fire gets started, it was so warm and cozy!

James being silly while playing Uno.

The cabin used to have a real deer head, but thankfully it’s been replaced…by an Ella head?!? 😉

Sunday morning was full of fun playing in the fresh snow!

Asher about to peg me with a snowball…

After I saw this snowman Ella made, I had to remind her that we are in the mountains, not Texas!, and she can make a MUCH bigger snowman than that!

a Texan’s snowman
Now THAT’S a snowman!

Melissa Sandvig’s husband

Back in May, I blogged about how I had lunch with Melissa Sandvig (ummm…haven’t heard of her? Top 4 ladies on So You Think You Can Dance!) when we went on our Disney vacation. The reason I met her is because her now *famous* husband is my friend from 2nd grade! So, on our vacation, a bunch of us old friends ate lunch together.

Erik is such a sweet, supporting husband to Melissa. You may have seen him every week on the show doing something like this in the audience:

It’s no surprise to me. Look at him back in 1989!

Erik trying to ‘get seen’ AGAIN

So, what is the point of this blog today? Please VOTE for Melissa next week and get her to the top 3 ladies!! (And don’t you want to see what sign Erik will be holding up???)


a day at the beach

I have finally gone through all my pictures from our southern California vacation and have narrowed them down to 188.  I think that is pretty good!  So, here are the pictures from the kids first visit to the beach last Sunday afternoon (Bolsa Chica beach).  The water was freezing so no one got in.  They enjoyed playing in the sand, that is, until Ella saw ladybugs in the sand and then she started to melt down.  (She doesn’t like bugs crawling around her.)  Then, Asher started eating sand and getting it in his eyes…well, you get the picture…the beach is a fun place in theory…but with 3 small kids, it is a little bit of a nightmare!

From California Vacation April 2009
From California Vacation April 2009
From California Vacation April 2009
From California Vacation April 2009
This was the only way we could keep track of Asher.  Unfortunately, we didn’t realize how much sandwould end up in his diaper after unburying him!
From California Vacation April 2009
From California Vacation April 2009
From California Vacation April 2009

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