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Blessing Basket Sunday!

Happy Easter!  We finished our 40 days of sinning stones yesterday, and this morning the kids woke up to a blessing basket full of life!  The tomb was empty!  Hallelujah!  He is risen!

The day before Easter. Our sinning stone basket is full.  To see what sinning stones is all about, click here.

Easter Sunday. The stone has been rolled away! He is not there! He has risen! The sinning stone basket has been replaced with a blessing basket full of things of life because he took our sins away by dying on the cross and gave us a new life in Him!

Things I included in the blessing basket: bug catchers/viewers, mini potted plants to grow (found at the Target dollar spot), gardening tools, spray bottles (Jesus is the living water!), and a ladybug land to grow ladybugs soon!

*We made the tomb a few Easters ago using an old, clean can and pressed salted dough around it.  We baked it and then painted it.


Sinning Stones and Blessing Basket

Lent is just around the corner-Feb. 13th.  Our family has never really observed Lent before and this year, I wanted to (in our own way).  A couple years back, I heard of an idea that I knew one day, when my kids were a little older, I wanted to do.  This year, we will start!


1 John 1:8-9

If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.  If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Each day of lent (40 days) we will focus on a sin and a scripture verse, and talk about how God forgives us that sin. (I have included the list of sins and scriptures that I made below.)  Write each sin on a “sinning stone,” (I used a silver Sharpie on 2 bags of Panacea 70033 River Rock, Black, 2 Pounds .)  We will start on Ash Wednesday, and discuss a “sinning stone” everyday until Easter.  We will place the sinning stone we discussed in a basket that we will place in a prominent place in the house.  At the end of lent we will have a whole basket full of sin (sinning stones), and we will talk about how those sins led to the Jesus’ death. Then on Easter Sunday, God has replaced all our sins (stones) with the blessing of Christ-our Easter baskets!  We are going to replace the basket full of sinning stones with a basket full of life (a “blessing basket”) on Easter morning with gifts that remind us of life for the family (seeds to plant,  etc.)

Sinning Stones and Blessing Baskets

(the 40 days of Lent)

ANGER-James 3:5-6
CONTROL IDOL-  Proverbs 3:5-6
POWER IDOL-  Genesis 3:1-24
COMFORT IDOL-Romans 1:21-25
APPROVAL IDOL-Matthew 10:32-33
TEASING- Proverbs 18:6
HITTING/TANTRUMS- Proverbs 16:32
BRAGGING- Proverbs 27:1-2
CHEATING-Amos 8:4-7
COMPLAINING-Philippians 2:14-16
CONFORMITY-2 Kings 17:15
CRITICISM-Zechariah 7:9
BEING DRUNK/DRUGS- Proverbs 23:29-35
DOING EVIL- Romans 12:21
FAKING IT (HYPOCRISY)- Matthew 7:1-5
UNFORGIVING- Colossians 3:13
WORRYING- Matthew 6:25-34
GOSSIP- Proverbs 11:13
GREED- Luke 12:15
HATRED- Leviticus 19:17
DISHONOR- Galatians 5:14
DISOBEDIENCE- Ephesians 6:1
JEALOUSY-Proverbs 14:30
JUDGING OTHERS- Matthew 7:1-5
NAME CALLING- Proverbs 4:24
DISRESPECT- 1 Peter 5:5
LAZINESS-Proverbs 28:19
LYING- Proverbs 12:22
PREJUDICE- Galatians 3:28
PRIDE- James 4:6
IMPURITY- 1 Corinthians 6:18-20
REVENGE- Romans 12:17-21
STEALING- Ephesians 4:28
WORLDLINESS- James 4:3-4
GLUTTONY- 1 Corinthians 3:16-17
LACK OF FAITH- Romans 14:23
NOT RESTING- Exodus 20:8-11
MURDER/ABORTION- Genesis 9:5-6


Resurrection Day traditions

Resurrection Eggs are a great tool for teaching kids about the meaning of Easter, but my kids are kinda getting bored with them, and I’m looking for more!

I’m big on traditions.  Traditions – especially those that children can see, hear, feel, smell and taste – provide vivid impressions on which parents can build year after year. There are so many which can enrich your own family’s celebration of “Resurrection Day.”

Noel Piper’s Lenten Lights-Eight Biblical Devotions to prepare for Easter, to be used weekly during Lent OR daily during Holy Week

We are going to do this for one family night soon:

Love this beautiful Advent/Lent wooden “wreath”

We are going to take out our Jesse tree that we used at Christmas and turn it into a Resurrection Tree!

I found this idea of three wreaths displayed during lent. The first is made of wheat to symbolize the bread of Christ’s body that was broken for us. The second is thorns to represent his suffering. The third is made of purple ribbon that symbolizes his resurrection and Lordship. Display each for two weeks in that order during lent.

I also love this: “sinning stones and blessing baskets”.  Each day of lent focus on a scripture verse and each day choose a sin that God forgives us for daily. Write that sin on “sinning stones” (paint a bunch of rocks black on Ash Wed.) At the end of lent you have a whole basket full of sin and we talk about how those sins led to the Jesus’ death. Then on Easter Sunday, God has replaced all our sins (stones) with the blessing of Christ-our Easter baskets!  (We are going to try this idea soon, you don’t have to start on Ash Wednesday.)

These great ideas are from Thriving Family magazine, which you now can subscribe to for free!  (My favorite is the white carnation idea-another family night activity for sure!)
This is a crazy cool website that has pictures of all the Bible stories including the Crucifixion from PlayMobil sets! Pretty cool visual for little kids if you ask me!

We made Resurrection Rolls last year for breakfast! Yum!  MUCH tastier than Resurrection cookies if you ask me!

The night before Easter, write with a dry erase marker on every mirror in the house, “He is risen!” the next morning wake the family up with Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus blaring throughout the house and the children run and check all the mirrors!  (I am thinking of using Wiki Stix to write “He is Risen” on the walls too.)   🙂

Bake your own pretzels. Pretzels originated as early Christian Lenten treats, designed in the form of arms crossed in prayer.

Foot Washing: This Maundy Thursday event speaks volumes about Jesus’s desire for us to serve. Read John 13. Wrap a towel around your waist, as Jesus did, and wash your children’s feet.

New clothes (I knew there was a good reason to buy new clothes every Easter!): New converts were traditionally baptized at Easter, wearing new white garments to symbolize their new life.

Eggs:  they can become a subtle way of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Like seeds, eggs are very much a symbol of new life.

Bunnies:  see this previous post how you can use the Easter bunny to teach about Jesus.

Rilyn’s first Easter

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