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Minecraft birthday!

Asher loves playing Minecraft, so naturally we had a Minecraft party!

Happy 7th Asher!

The Rock Candy Crystals were diamonds, the Silver Chocolate Rocks Candy was iron,
and Emerald Green Chocolate Rocks Candy Nuggets was emeralds. I made the Creepers by buying Peeps Green Bunnies and turning them upside down, and cutting off the ears a little. Then I took black frosting and did the faces.

I used Con-Tact Self-Adhesive Black to make the faces on the Plastic Fluted Cup, 22 oz, Pearlescent Green. I printed all the 2 liter labels from Pinterest. There is tons of free Minecraft printables online!

Enderman door!

Ella drew this cool Creeper on our porch!



First activity was making Creeper keychains out of Perler Beads Green Bag and Perler Bead Bag, Black.

The next activity was a 4 part obstacle course in which we timed each boy! First they had to throw cobblestones to hop across the lava field. If they touched the lava, they had to start over.

The next part of the obstacle course they had to grab the diamond sword from the Enderman, and go on a “minecart” (skateboard) and push themselves on the tracks!

Do you see the Nether Portal over the back door?

After that, they had to mine for diamonds in our sand table.  I bought Diamond Confetti Beads and mixed it in the sand. They used a sifter, and “mined” diamonds until they filled up a cup with diamonds to a certain line.

The last part of the obstacle course was killing the Creeper.  I bought Socker Bopper Power Bag and painted it to look like a Creeper. They had to get the Creeper to the ground three times using their diamond sword. All boys finished the entire course before 2 minutes.

The next activity was blow up the TNT.  Again I found printables on Pinterest to cover up the Diet Coke 2 liters.  I also bought Mentos so the TNT would “blow up.”

The boys loaded up the package of Mentos in a long tube I made out of construction paper. We stuck a toothpick thru at the bottom of the tube so the Mentos would not fall in the Diet Coke until they pulled the toothpick out and they all fell in at one time…

Then for the TNT finale, James and Asher got to blow up TNT together using a Geyser Tube.  This makes the explosion 5 times higher!  I couldn’t even catch the height on my camera because I was too close to the action.

The next game was trying to craft the cake recipe so we could eat!  I blew up white, black, and green balloons and put different papers in them with flour, sugar, wheat, and eggs.  I also taped spider, skeleton and zombie faces to the balloons.  Some balloons had paper with nothing on it too just to make it interesting.  Then, each boy got to go into the trampoline and kill their bad guy using the diamond sword, bottom, nails-whatever.  The boys had a blast doing it, and it was hilarious watching them trying to pop the balloons.  Finally, after all the balloons were “killed”, we gathered enough ingredients to craft cake!

Asher trying to kill a skeleton

another technique of killing a skeleton!

sitting on the skeleton!

Ella helped throw in the balloons, I mean zombies

Using his nails to rip open the zombie!

Using the recipe to craft the cake. Only 5 more ingredients to go!

Finally, it was cake time!

Hershey bars made up the Creeper cake face!

Make a wish!

While the cake was being cut, the boys played a food game called “Digging for Diamonds”!  I dropped some plastic diamonds at the bottom of each jar, and each day I froze a different layer of colored soda.  The goal was for the boys to use their pick axes (plastic knives, spoons) and get to the bottom of the layers to find the diamonds (and eat yummy slushie in the process!)

Time for presents!

While Asher was opening presents, James had Minecraft music videos going on that were hilarious!  You can find tons on Youtube!

The party was a BLAST!  😉



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