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Family Fall Farm Fun

James went to the Aggie game last minute on Saturday and so that left me with the three kids to do SOMETHING fun on such a beautiful fall day!  Crowes Nest Farm happened to have it’s Fall Fest that day, and since it’s in town, I thought it would be a great trip!  The kids and I spent 4 hours there, and it was a lot of farm fun!

It was 60 degrees in this photo, but the poor Texans were freezing!!

The kids eyeing their Thanksgiving dinner?! 😉

I like to think that the ostrich in this photo is smiling and not angry at ANOTHER picture! lol

so fun watching this guy eat!

There was a snake show…

careful Rilyn…

Asher is fearful…

ahhhh! Poor Asher!

We went on a hay ride and the bison came right up to us to eat. It was pretty cool to watch these majestic creatures!

Ostrich egg!

Asher’s reaction to the ostrich egg!

our sweet Ella Bella

They also had a raptor show. Here is an eagle!

Me and my bud watching the raptor show

The girls wanted to roll down a hill!

and run down the hill!

This farm is full of beautiful gardens!

until next time Crowes Nest Farm!


our day

Ella  and I went on a field trip to Crowe’s Nest Farm with her preschool class.  I predict I will be here many more times since it is the ‘go to’ field trip in the northeast Austin area, but today it was just my third time.  Of course, it had to be 100 degrees with the humidity.  My favorite part was taking nine preschoolers to the muggy restrooms twice in one hour.  We were there for 3 hours and at least half of the time was spent corralling the kids.  Whew!  Ella had a good time though!

You can see it was very sunny!

Ella is in the sunglasses.

Boo for the Longhorns!
Ella and Anna were mesmerized by the pig playing in the mud.  It’s like they all understood

each other.  😉

We continued our day by visiting their cousin Caden. I got some cute pics!

Caden Erickson

My photography business!

March 2023