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Ella’s Aggie game!

Bless James’ heart!  He went to the Aggie game last Saturday with Ella and Asher, and it was cold, rainy, late night, AND a heart-breaking loss at the end of the game!  He was a trooper, bringing all their ski gear so they would stay warm and dry!  They still had a good time with grandpa, despite the circumstances!


Rilyn’s Aggie game!

Rilyn got to go to the Aggie game on Saturday with grandpa, James, and…Ella.  We had to have a “you should be happy that your sister gets to go again” talk with Rilyn.  There was an extra ticket available, and Asher has one more year before he gets to go, (5 years old is our rule), so Ella got it!  The Aggies won against Sam Houston, and Johnny Football played a great game (I was told because it was only on pay per view!)  😦

grandpa and Rilyn walking up to Kyle Field
On our deck!
Hump it Ags!
12th man towel
cartwheels on the field after the game!

And the next morning at the Octaranch in College Station…

tire swing!
we love the Octaranch!

Ella and the Ags

Ella got to go to the Aggie game last night in which we WHOOPED SC State!!  70-14!!  What a fun game to go to since the tradition at A&M is to give a kiss when the Ags score.  Ella got LOTS of kisses from daddy!
Before the game in her new hat!

Grandpa and grandma went to the game with Ella and James, and they spoiled her with lots of Aggie love. She told me she had an “Aggie Spirit” flavored sno cone!


Pardon the 12th Man towel in your face!

we’re just showing our spirit!
half time lovin’
Ella posing with the SEC

I thought they would want to leave the game early since it was a blow out, but Ella really wanted to walk on the field after the game!

Aggie Spirit!!

first game

Rilyn went to her first Aggie game yesterday. Sadly, we lost (39-49) to a #3 ranked team (that will remain nameless), but we played hard and the game was very entertaining! At times, I got emotional thinking of my oldest daughter walking around the campus where James and I met. It was so neat to see her experience Aggie football-something James and I both love. She did great and stayed up the whole game (7 p.m. kick-off). How could she sleep when Visor Guy is sitting in front of her?  There was a long time out (like 10 minutes), because a player was hurt and it was very quiet in the stadium of 84,500 fans.  After awhile, Rilyn said rather loud, “Is he dead daddy?”  We heard a few chuckles from the fans around.  Then she said, “We should pray for him.”  She proceeded to pray out loud for the hurt player.  It was so sweet to hear.
Enjoy the pictures!

entering the stadium an hour before kick-off to watch the corp march in
a view of the clock tower from Kyle Field

Grandpa, Rilyn, and daddy

yelling “AAAAAA!” during defense!
Rilyn holding Reveille and ‘Visor Guy’ in front
fast asleep on the car ride home

My photography business!

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