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Pine Cove Base Camp again!

Our girls went to Pine Cove Base Camp last week.  This is a true camp experience minus the overnight stays in cabins, (which we are planning on sending our girls to next summer!)  This is their second year, and next summer Asher will get to go!  I highly recommend looking for a Base Camp in your city next summer for your kids ages “going into first grade thru sixth grade.”  (Base Camp will be called “Camp in the City” from now on.)

Ella cried on Friday at the closing ceremonies.  Ella always cries at good-byes.  But James reminded her there will be no more good-byes in heaven!  And going to Base Camp this past week was an earthly taste of what heaven will be like:  dancing and worshiping Jesus with joy, laughing, neon colors everywhere…(okay maybe not that part!)  🙂

Ella with her counselor, Wala Wala!

Pine Cove is all about crazy and silly!

At the end of the closing ceremony, the counselors present their camper with a character quality that they saw in them during the week.

Ella’s was, “Ella is virtuous. Her authentic personality is refreshing to those around her. Ella is faithful in her words and actions.”

Rilyn’s character quality was, “Rilyn is nurturing in the way she encourages others. Her enthusiastic attitude inspires others to be engaged. Rilyn is respectful.”

Rilyn with her 4th grade girl group and counselor, Minty.


pine cove base camp!

These past two weeks have been all about camp and VBS!  During first week of June, my girls went to Pine Cove base camp at our church!

I highly recommend this as a transition for overnight camps.  Next summer, I would love to send my girls to Pine Cove overnight week long camp, and I think they would be totally ready for it based on the week they had at base camp!  It was 9-4 p.m. Monday-Friday and they loved every minute of it!  (Okay, Rilyn did complain about being too sweaty some days!)  🙂  But that is a girly girl for ya!

They had tons of water activities every day!

Ella on the far left
Ella in the middle trying to drink the water sprinkles!
Rilyn and her friends!

They had Bible study in their tents every day!

Rilyn in the red

They got to act silly!


Listen to silly skits!

Ella loving being in the front row!

They did the Wobble (I totally recommend playing this for the kids, so fun!)

The girls LOVE this clean version of the song

They had worship!


And during the last day, the counselors (which both my girls want to be when they are in college!), presented them with a certificate of character quality!

Ella and her counselor

Ella’s said, “Ella is an outgoing young lady. Her enthusiastic attitude is contagious and inspiring. Her positive outlook is a blessing to those around her.”

Rilyn and her counselor

Rilyn’s said, “Rilyn is selfless, putting others before herself. She is uplifting in what she says and does. Her gracious attitude is a blessing to those around her.”

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