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end of July

While Rilyn and I were in Florida, Asher was at Pine Cove Camp in the City! He enjoyed it, although I wish he would of tried more of the obstacles. Sometimes he is a daredevil, and other times (I think when we are not around,) he is shy to try.

Asher about to sword fight!

Asher and his group having Bible Study.

We had our 5th annual lake day on the Moss’ boat!

Jeff, Eddie, James, Jen, Denise, and me

That’s me waterskiing with the Pennybacker bridge in the back. I even got to wake board that day for the first time.

Just thought this picture was cute! Ella liked grocery shopping with me this summer. Just me and her! She wanted to push the cart to “practice being a mommy.”

We got a chance to see Noel, our old college buddy. So blessed to live in the same city with the rest of these college friends! Suhs, Carson, and the Richardsons.

We also went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas in San Antonio with our friends!

Rilyn, Anna, Caden, Ella, Asher, Levi, Cole, and Jake

I was so proud of Ella on this trip! She really came out of her comfort zone and tried bigger, “scarier” rides like these swings that go up really high in the air!

While Rilyn and Levi were on Superman, the others opted for the kiddie coaster. 🙂

And some kiddie rides!

Ferris wheel with my love, Rilyn!

Pandemonium-always a favorite! And Ella went on for the first time!!!

About to ride!

He loves it!

Ella loved it too, despite her look of terror! LOL

more rides

The Roadrunner roller coaster

Unfortunately, there were some major rain storms that day that cut our time short. Here was one, and Ella freaked out at the thunder sounds!

It was a great day at Six Flags! See ya next summer!


Six Flags Fiesta Texas!

Last week our family headed to Six Flags Fiesta Texas with some friends!  The high that day was 106 degrees so we were in for a *treat*!  Because of the heat, the crowds weren’t all that bad, plus there was a water park, so we had a great day and stayed from opening to closing!  Asher and Rilyn LOVE rollar coasters, Ella does not, it makes for an interesting day.  🙂

This is the kiddie coaster, which Ella still will not ride! Asher and his best friend, Caden, loved it though!

Ella did love the kiddie swings though, and my best friend went on them with her first.

my turn with my sweetie!

This coaster was one of the few that Asher could ride. This one was called Pandemonium! Do you see Asher sitting next to me?

daddy and Asher!

We let the kids play a booth because “everyone wins”!

Here is Rilyn and James on the adult swings! Can you see her waving at me?

This is how Asher feels about slow rides. 🙂

James and Rilyn went on this spinning ride!

Bumper Cars! Ella is sticking her tongue out at Rilyn behind her! Catch me if you can!

Rilyn riding with Blair, Jen’s sister.

Asher loved the bumper cars!

My photography business!

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