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Spring Break-skiing!

We took the kids to Snow Summit to ski for the first time!  James and I have been skiing many times, but the last time we skied was 9 years ago!  I was praying for muscle memory, and I only fell once (I hit some mud).  I got a NASTY bruise on my arm though because of it!  I’m just old and busted at 34, and only could ski 5 long runs before I called it a day!
James made a sweet video of the family skiing! Check it out!

The kids in front of the cabin. About to head off to ski!

Look at all the snow! LOL

We signed the kids up for morning and afternoon lessons. Here is Asher about to go to Little Bear skiing school!

Ella looking all cool! 🙂

Me and my honey on the lift!

me getting ready to ski!


So, this CRAZY thing happened! James fell off the ski lift! James had a puffy backpack on (filled with my ski jacket-it was 60 degrees!) and so when he sat on a fast blue ski lift, he bounced off because of his backpack! He tried to hold on, but his skis were too heavy and he ended up hanging off the side! I, thankfully, got pictures because James yelled, “take pictures!”  LOL He was about 18 feet in the air before the lift attendant stopped the lift! He hung there for about a minute before he dropped. He was able to kick off his skis and landed safely! James always has crazy stories!

James hanging off the ski lift!  Can you see the lift attendant below?

Hi James!

James falling

Me taking a picture of James left behind as I go up the ski lift! LOL

James taking a picture of me after his fall

Rilyn and Ella loved skiing! Rilyn had a rough morning, but by the afternoon she had a great time! Ella loved every minute of it. Asher had an okay time, he was so tired at the end of the day! We were so proud of him though for trying!

our little man!

Some random little kid told me I looked like an alien! LOL



Asher getting off the ski lift!


James and I would love to take our family skiing every other year from now on!

My photography business!

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