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A very Tangled Birthday!

We had Ella’s 6th birthday party yesterday, and I must say that it was the best birthday party we have ever thrown!  It took a lot of help though from friends and family, but with all of us working together, we made it over the top special!  I will put a post up tomorrow on all the decorations used, because they were so extravagant, and I have many people to thank for that!

James put his video talents to use and made a 2 minute montage video of Ella’s party!  It’s really cute!

the cupcakes were Rapunzel towers!

The first activity we did (while the princesses were arriving) was “decorate your own Rapunzel braid with fun foam flowers”! I made all these braids with yellow yarn. Super easy, but if you want to do it, I would suggest starting several weeks in advance as it is time consuming. I started in November, so I could make one a night in my free time!

decorating their braids!

Ella’s braid was the longest because she was the birthday girl! We attached the braids with bobby pins and a rubber band, but you could use anything.


After all the princesses arrived, we made them close their eyes and walk to the backyard to unveil the tower!


And who was in the tower, but the birthday girl Ella!

Next, we had each girl paint a small paper lantern with their own set of watercolors (given as party favors)!

During that time, we let each girl “climb the tower” (or walk upstairs!) and get a picture in the tower window with the long hair (which were 5 plastic yellow tablecloths taped together that I bought at the dollar store.)
After they painted their lanterns, we played a Tangled game where each girl got a partner and they had to tangle their partner in yellow crepe paper in the allotted time! The judges decided which girl was the most Tangled and then they switched and let the other partner get Tangled!

I think Rilyn was letting out some sister frustration here!  🙂
all Tangled up!

The next game we played was “Pin the Pan on Flynn’s nose”!

Then it was time for cupcakes! I bought a sparkler instead of candles for the first time and I think Ella was surprised, don’t you?

what is this?

She tried to blow it out, but sparklers don’t “blow” out! 🙂

“Just hold it and watch the sparks” we told her…she looked a little nervous though!

am I going to get burned?!?

Enjoying the treats!

Then it was present time! I think Ella liked getting a Flynn doll!

And the last game we played was “throw Pascal into the frying pan”. I bought a 10 pack of sticky lizards and made the girls stand behind a line to see how many each girl could throw into the pan.

I guess it was a pretty exciting game from Cinderella’s face!  Do you see the blue Pascal flying through the air?

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