September Update

As Ella becomes increasingly mobile, I foresee many “that’s my toy!!!” coming from Rilyn’s mouth.  I was able to capture their first real fight (I couldn’t intervene and ruin such a funny moment!) and rest assured Rilyn got a talking to about being rough with Ella. 

Ella is almost 9 months old.  She has 4 teeth now and can almost crawl.  She loves to bounce and the nursery workers at church think she will be an astronaut when she grows up because of the way she loves to ‘blasts off’ when she is in the bouncer.  (We think she will be our athlete.)  Her hair continues to grow upward and I have gotten many comments on her Mohawk! (no I do not style it that way, it is natural)  She got her first ear infection last week (in both ears) so we dealt with some fussiness, but other than that, she continues to be a smiley, sweet-tempered girl. Rilyn started her second year of preschool this year.  We attempted to start potty training her, but realized she is still not ready.  (I mistakenly bribed her with chocolate and then one day she picked up her poo in the potty chair after she went because she thought it was chocolate.  We thankfully got it from her before she could put it in her mouth!)  She has a treasure chest full of wrapped little gifts and she still tells me “Mommy, I won’t go pee pee in the potty!”  She is very opinionated!  We think Rilyn will be our cheerleader/singer of the family.  She loves to belt out any Disney tune and makes up lyrics to any song on the radio.  She keeps us laughing as many say she is 2 going on 15 years old.  The other day, I must of interrupted her ‘cell phone’ conversation because she told me “wait a minute, I’m on the phone.”  She loves playing tea party, watching Caillou on TV, and ‘scrapbooking.’  Yes, I have created a mini scrapbooker-she will sit along side me and put hundreds of those tiny round stickers on paper and is perfectly content.  (It’s our bonding time.)  I’m so proud of her.  😉 


1 Response to “September Update”

  1. 1 Grandma
    September 28, 2006 at 10:50 pm

    Got a kick out of the “first sister fight”.

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