October Update

Halloween night was really fun for Rilyn.  She loved her lady bug costume and never wanted to take it off.  We first went to our church’s fall festival where she played lots of games and won prizes and candy. Then she went trick or treating and once she discovered that you actually get candy when you go to a house, she would run down the street to each house and was fearless going up to the doors.  She could’ve done it all night but Ella was getting tired.  Ella was our cute little pumpkin!

Ella is 10 months old now.  She is officially a crawler too!  James and I are trying to adjust to chasing her around as she gets into every toy of Rilyn’s that she is not supposed to, (crayons, coloring books, stickers, magnet letters, puzzle pieces…)  Rilyn never crawled so this is a new experience for us!  She is very fast and very curious.  She has become our little trouble maker it seems.  Rilyn never got into as much (even when she became mobile) as Ella gets into.  Ella has 6 teeth now and continues to teethe.  She chews on everything including the knobs of our cabinets (see October pics).  She is pulling up on everything and we are sure she will start cruising in the next weeks.  She is our little daredevil as you will see on her video.  She wants to be aware of everything around her at all times and is always ready to join in the fun, so feeding her a bottle is rather difficult because she won’t sit still!  (Baby food is a challenge too as seen on the video.)  We sometimes have to hold her arms down and go in a dark room where Rilyn is locked out so she will drink! 

Rilyn is almost 2 ½ now and continues to make us laugh with her rather matter of a fact statements.  She told me during a thunder storm recently, “There is nothing to be scared of mommy, it’s just me, Rilyn, and the couch.”  Or the time when she found a Cheerio on the ground , she picked it up and said, “Yep, that’s my booger-it came out again.”  Her imagination is running wild these days as she is starting to be afraid of the dark.  She tells me, “The shadows are spooky.”  She loves to play David and Goliath with daddy as he is the giant and she fights him.  She is a great big sister as you can see on the video.  Sure, they fight, (as seen on last month’s video), but she loves to make Ella giggle and I can’t wait to see them grow up together and play.


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