November Update

Rilyn is now 2 ½!  She can’t wait for Christmas and to see “Santa Closet” (as she calls him) at the mall to take a picture with him.  When she saw a Mrs. Claus standing in someone’s yard, she asked, “Can I see Santa’s mommy, Mary?”  We are trying to teach her the true meaning of Christmas, but there is so much commercialism around, it is no wonder a small child gets confused!

On another note…with daddy’s Cowboys doing so well, football games have been on the TV a lot these days.  She asked daddy last weekend, “When I get bigger, can I play football with the boys?”   “We’ll see…” is all he could think to say.  As you can see from the video, Rilyn loves to serenade us with the classic tunes of toddlerhood.  It’s no wonder she knows the songs so well because she requests her favorites to be put on ‘repeat’ in the car CD player.  I think I tune out when I hear the Itsy Bitsy Spider being played for the 10th time.

Ella is 11 months old now.  She cruises (and crawls) around everywhere and it won’t be long before she can stand up on her own.  She is starting to sign now.  She can sign ‘all done’ and ‘more’.  We taught some basic sign language to Rilyn when she was this age and found it to be extremely beneficial!  As you can see on the video, Ella is fearless (I know the video looks bad; but she really only cried for a second after I got her) and she continues to test the limits in all things.  When we tell her ‘no’ she just looks at us and giggles and then proceeds to do it again until we physically remove her from the situation!

1 Response to “November Update”

  1. 1 brenda
    December 6, 2006 at 11:50 pm

    those are the sweetest video’s ever. you are very talented. the “supergirl” one did make me flinch though. you have beautiful girls!

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