New Website and June Update

Well, it’s been awhile and we have finally gotten our website to where we want it so that means we can blog a lot more and update videos/photos often.  We’ve been busy lately!  We had my 28th birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary in May(we got new furniture and frames to fill up our house), Rilyn’s 3rd birthday party/barbeque(at The Little Gym and then back to our house for food), VBS(I taught the 3/4 year old class with Rilyn in it), Rilyn’s first dentist appt. (she has a developmental cavity-which means she was born with it)  😦  She will have to get some anesthia and have it filled in a month.  She also had her 3 year portraits done which she did a great job smiling.  Now we are settling back down into the routine of things…

Rilyn's First Trip to the Dentist

Rilyn's 3-year old Portrait

Ella is 17 months and talking like crazy.  She repeats nearly everything she hears but her favorite things to say are “I did it!” and “share” (she loves to say that when Rilyn has any toy in her hand).  Rilyn is such a big girl, she is fully potty trained now!  Hallelujah!!!  She keeps us laughing.  Some of our favorites:  Rilyn tripped on the floor and said, “Wow, I just freaked out!”

Rilyn sometimes likes to greet mommy by saying “Hello, my heiness.”  (She heard that from a cartoon, daddy does not call mommy that.)

Rilyn saw her name written in cursive on a piece of paper and she said that it said, “ChickFila” because she is so used to seeing the ChickFila sign and it is in cursive.

Rilyn likes to tell us when we say something nice to her, “You can say that again!”

I told Rilyn that daddy killed the fire ants in the yard.  She said, “Did they die on the cross like Jesus?”

1 Response to “New Website and June Update”

  1. 1 Anna Lisa
    June 21, 2007 at 10:46 am

    Tommy and I both laughed so hard at the picture of tiny little crosses covering all the ant hills in your back yard.

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