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it starts

Aggie football season is upon us…at least someone in this family is excited!

(This was on the front page of the sports section in The Bryan Eagle on October 29, 2000. We were seniors and had pretty good seats. If you know James, you know that he really is a big Aggie football fan so this picture is even funnier!)  (I added the text bubbles obviously.)

We are going to the game tomorrow…go Aggies!!!! Whoop!


not your best look…

Remember the days as a kid when you pressed your face against mesh netting because it felt funny? Well, Ella, you look about as funny as it feels.  Sorry girl, had to post these!


thanks ella

Today I was looking at pictures with Ella on the computer.  She was very good about naming all the people she saw in each picture.  We then came across the first picture I had taken of Asher’s rolls and she said, “That is mommy.”  Thanks Ella.

Here is the picture that she thinks is me.


first day

Today was the first day of preschool for Rilyn at Manor Elementary school.  She reported to me that she had a great day of school and that I was to remember a very important rule, “if you ever go to the playground, do not go into the grass because there is snakes!”  When I asked her who she sat by in the cafeteria, she said, “Two girls from Mexico but I don’t remember their names.”  😉

This year, I couldn’t just take Rilyn’s picture because Ella was wanting a ‘first day’ photo too even though I explained to her that her ‘first day’ was in September.  (I don’t know where Ella gets those poses from!)

Here is Rilyn’s ‘official’ picture

We’ve come a long way baby…(this is Rilyn’s real first day of preschool!)


Like Father like Son

Asher turns 4 months old today!

Looks like someone has a future in accounting like his daddy!

**yes, this photo was digitally edited by mommy. 😉 Asher’s not a baby genius yet!


Roly Poly

Our soon to be 4 month old is becoming a Mr. Chubbs! Good thing it is cute at this age! So, let’s play a game… Welcome to ‘Name that Roll!’


A-side thigh/knee rolls

B-neck rolls

C-chin rolls

D-wrist roll

E-back of thigh rolls



If you know my first born, you know that she loves to be doing social things at all times. She really thrives on family gatherings, play dates, going out to a restaurant…

So today, we were ‘just chillin.’ (She dreads those words.)

Rilyn is at the table doing her favorite thing-coloring and writing. She asks me, “how do you spell ‘nothing?'”

“Why?” I ask.

“Because we’re doing nothing!!!!!” she tells me.

I proceed to spell it for her and then she wants to write out ‘we’re doing nothing’ to make an emphasis to me that I must be a horrible mom for keeping her home without any plans. oh well.

Here is her declaration of independence:


In honor of the Olympics…

In women’s gymnastics, Rilyn Paquette enters the arena. Hopes are high that she will bring back the gold for the USA.

Her beam routine is superb!

Her vault-excellent!

The floor exercise is flawless!

Now we bring you sliding (kinda like diving) and Ella Paquette is ready for the challenge! She’s been practicing this all her life.
She poses for a quick photo op

Her sliding skills are near perfect!

Minimal splash so we should expect high scores…

A quick shower and then she must complete her last slide.

Well, that wraps up todays coverage of the Olympics, now we’ll leave you with the medal ceremony.

**Gymnastics at Capital Gymnastics, the pool is at Scott Mentzer pool in Pflugerville.


The toothpaste sermon

We “impress” our children everyday with who we are, what we think, or what we do. These moments may come to our children through our words, but family moments contain more power and lasting effects when they come through instructive events our children can observe.

On Monday nights we have “Family Night” where we have family devotions and our girls are actively engaged in learning. Tonight James taught about making our speech pleasing to God using a tube of toothpaste. After hearing a lot of ‘poopoo words’ to each other lately, I thought the girls needed to be reminded of how powerful the tongue can be.

Here they are with their tubes. The girls were allowed to squeeze all of the toothpaste out of their tubes.

Then daddy told them to put the toothpaste back into the tubes.

“That’s right! The very same thing is true of the words we speak. Have you ever said something that hurt someone’s feelings and heard them say, “You take that back!” You can’t take it back, can you? Once you have said it, it is said. You can’t put the words back in your mouth any more than you can squeeze this toothpaste back into the tube. That is why we need to be very careful about the things we say. The Bible says, “He who holds his tongue is wise.” Proverbs 10:19

“Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.” Psalm 19:14  Once we have said it, we can’t take it back, so let’s make sure that our words are pleasing to God.

If you would like more info. on family nights, check out This family night was taken from the book An Introduction to Family Nights Tool Chest by Jim Weidmann and Kurt Bruner.


mirror mirror

just for fun…

here is Rilyn and Asher both at 3 months old.

and let’s not forget Ella (at 3 months)! (I know one day we’ll find out who she looks like!)

My photography business!

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