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a first christmas and a surprise

Christmas morning started out with presents.  We decided to start the tradition of 3 presents to each child like the wise men gave to Jesus.  One present is a need, one is a want, and one is a gift for spiritual growth.  Rilyn’s want was a bike this year and Ella’s was a microphone!  (We are taking advantage of Asher not knowing what is going on so he didn’t get presents from us this year.)

Ella Montana?          From Christmas Day 2008
Rilyn rounding the corner and seeing her bike under the tree!!   From Christmas Day 2008

Then we had a birthday cake for Jesus for breakfast!

From Christmas Day 2008

James surprised me with my very own laptop!  I’ve never had my own laptop so this is a pretty big deal for me!  After presents, we drove to my parents house.  Asher celebrated his first Christmas this year.  He, unfortunately, slept through Christmas at our house (morning nap)and my parent’s house(afternoon nap).  But I still commemorated the event with pictures after he woke up.

From Christmas Day 2008

After we all opened our presents under the tree at my parents house, my parents surprised us…

From Christmas Day 2008

In late spring, my parents are taking the whole family to California for a 5 day vacation!!! For those who don’t know, I was raised in southern California for 16 years. It has always been my dream since Rilyn was born to take my family to Disneyland and show my children where I grew up! I am beyond excited!!!!!
More pics from Christmas:

From Christmas Day 2008

Ella got a Sleeping Beauty wig from Asher!

From Christmas Day 2008

sisters sharing crooked smiles

From Christmas Day 2008
From Christmas Day 2008

My photography business!

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