Happy 1st Birthday Asher!

I can’t believe that today my baby is one! I officially have no more ‘babies’ in the house (although there are plenty of times when they act like it!) He is still not walking, or standing on his own. He is content to crawl around everywhere. His favorite toy is our remote control and his favorite play buddies are his sisters! No one can make him laugh like they do! They have really taken to wrestling him!
So, we just got back from our California vacation and I can’t wait to go through our 500+ photos and post, BUT today is my baby’s first birthday and I just had to give him the spotlight! Of course I had a photo op in mind and it didn’t quite go as I had planned but still cute none the less. I baked him his own special chocolate cake and wanted him to ‘tear into it’ while I snapped away! Well, I don’t think it helped that he woke up at 10 a.m. (we’re all still on CA time), and we gave him a big donut for his birthday breakfast and he gobbled it all up! So, at lunchtime, he wasn’t hungry enough for his cake and we forced him to taste it and he acted like it was disgusting! I don’t think he appreciated the texture of sprinkles and cake crumbs either. Oh well!
Here is Asher at breakfast in his custom bib from Grandma!

From April 2009
From April 2009
From April 2009
From April 2009

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